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Shahid Kapur not interested in multi-movie deals

Okay, I do know that recession ka daur hai, but that’s not stopping some nirmatas and corporate houses from dangling lucrative multi-movie deals before our stars. Shahid Kapur has been offered several such two and three-film deals. But he’s not biting till he sees all the scripts. Read more...

entertainment Updated: Feb 02, 2009, 18:33 IST
Hindustan Times

Ghar ki baat
Hello my raspberry shortcakes. Show town’s still buzzing with kab, kya and kahan kahanis of Adnan Sami’s jhagda with his begum Saba. There’s more than meets the eye, insists my super snook Rapchick Rajni. She tells me that the miya-biwi would quarrel when they were married earlier. But well, they did kiss and marry again after a three-year separation. So don’t be surprised, if after all the midnight hungama they start living again, saath saath.

Rajni has it from an inside source that the singer’s house at Oberoi Apartments in Lokhandwala Complex has become the bone of contention between the warring couple. Saba is claiming to have paid for one of the two apartments combined into a duplex.. it’s even registered in her name. And that gives her the right to decide who stays in the house.. and who stays out.

Their second innings at matrimony ran into rough weather when Adnan took Azaan, his son from a previous marriage, to Dubai, in the hope that the trio could bring in the New Year together. But Saba refused to welcome Azaan into her home there. So Adnan stayed with his beta in a hotel.

This time it was his parents. Adnan’s father has been critically ill and was in ICU for 10 days. He was discharged from the hospital on Friday and Adnan wanted to take them home with him. But, says Rajni, Saba refused to shift her friend who had occupied the guest room to their other flat, and even refused to let them use the master bedroom. She was reportedly throwing tantrums even in the hospital, after filing a police complaint against her miyan. His abba and ammi probably can’t wait to return to their home shanti home.

Adnan has parted with many-a-close-friends since his remarriage, but won’t tolerate this. I’ve told Rajni to go find out what Saba’s version to the events which have grabbed headlines for the last two days.

Meanwhile, the die-hard romantic that I am, I’m hoping that the once winsome twosome will put what happened behind
them again.. and greet tomorrow with a smile.

I’m waiting to see the dreamy-voiced singer on screen.. as an actor. But we wouldn’t want him to play Devdas in his debut film, would we?

Ek, do, teen..
Now now.. this could well be the height of narcissism. I’ve just been informed that Karisma Kapur has grand plans for the grand finale of Nach Baliye 4, the television show that she’s judging with Farah Khan and Arjun Rampal.

Seems Loloji is going to pay a couple of tributes to two actresses with a medley of tracks which topped the charts in their hey day. One is Sridevi.. the other is Madhuri Dixit.

Nothing wrong in that. but Karismaji is also paying a third tribute (remember the teen taalis on the show?). My khabru from the sets tells me that Lolo will also be paying a tribute to herself.

How do I react to such self-obsession? Certainly not with three claps, I tell you.

On an ad break
Okay, I do know that recession ka daur hai, but that’s not stopping some nirmatas and corporate houses from dangling lucrative multi-movie deals before our stars. Shahid Kapur has been offered several such two and three-film deals. But he’s not biting till he sees all the scripts. And that’s a tall order for our movie moghuls!

Forget the storyline, they didn’t have even one-line plots to give him any idea of the projects they had in mind for him. So over coffee, the Kapur lad politely told nahin nahin, abhi nahin, zara karo intezaar.

The wise boy prefers to snap up endorsement deals instead because the story board comes with the offer. Last heard, he had inked a multi-crore deal with an international electronics brand. He ends up with good money with plenty of dates to spare for a good project as and when it comes along. Badhiya hai!

Rani ki kahani
Along with with my cuppa of Ethiopian kawah, Madhu my Mottu Maid is dishing up information about Sushmita Sen’s historical dream project. I’m lending her an ear because Sen is not Mottu’s usual chhotta motta types.. she’s Rani Laxmibai.. or is at least aspiring to be one.

Back to Mots, who’s heard from her new hunk that Sen has been in touch with Manmohan Shetty, to discuss finances. And that’s why she attend the premiere of his Walk Water Media’s Victory the other day.

Mots says that that Sush has invested so much time and effort in researching on the Rani of Jhansi that she can’t bear the thought of the movie not taking off.

She has a budget of Rs 125 crore for her aitihaasik costume drama.. and so far, she’s not even been able to get anyone to cough up Rs 10 crore. Sigh!

Guest appearances
Give her an inch and she’s spinning more. That’s Mottu’s who’s pleading for more ear time so she can tell me about Shekhar Kapur and Boney Kapoor. Seems they have committed to playing not very important roles in the sequel of Mr India being helmed by Anurag Basu for Walk Water Media.

Stop talking in riddles Motti and get to the point before I throw you out. Is she suggesting that they’re now acting in the movie? No, she finally mutters, Shekharji and Boneyji are consultants for the second part of their successful movie.

They will be paid a token amount for their contribution to the script.. and that’s not even a fraction of the amount Boneyji must have coughed up to shoot a song for his Wanted – Dead and Alive with Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia. Tsk tsk. But then, such is life dearies.

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