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City resident starts initiative to extend kindness, receives encouraging response.

entertainment Updated: Jun 13, 2010 13:29 IST
Manali Shah
Manali Shah
Hindustan Times

Next time someone thanks you, do not end it by simply saying welcome. Instead, hand over a Your Turn Now (YTN) card and insist that they pass on the benignity.

Rushubh Turakhia, a 33-year-old businessman is the force behind this YTN initiative. He says, “The idea is simply to promote good deeds. If we look around today, we see everybody too busy or too indifferent to others. I want to make ‘mankind’ one word again. We need to realise that just a little effort on our part can make somebody’s day.” Launched six months ago, the idea gained popularity with the masses with 10,800 cards being sent out across 11 countries. Turakhia aims to touch 6.2 billion people around the world at least once in their lifetime.

A regular user of the free YTN cards, Mihir Thacker, 22, businessman, says, “I was not the kind of person who would go out of his way to help somebody. But now, my attitude has changed. Moreover, you get a positive vibe when you know you have done a good deed.”

The YTN website features many experiences uploaded by users. Also, one can join their Facebook group to share and read more anecdotes. Rakhi Motta, 38, jewellery designer, says, “I get mixed reactions from everyone. Sometimes, the ones who are uneducated, question me about why they should use the cards. Then I explain the concept to them.” Turakhia doesn’t accept financial contributions from any person or organisation, nor does he wish to affiliate YTN with any spiritual institution. He insists he does this solely for the purpose of spreading joy and laughs.

He says, “People often question me on what I gain by all of this. I say that I am getting richer by the day as the smile on the faces of the YTN card receivers is worth a million dollars to me. The only way people can help is to distribute YTN cards.”

YTN story

“Last night, at midnight, I went to the pharmacy in urgency. A lady came for medicines. I saw she did not have adequate money to pay. She also looked poor. I offered to pay the remaining five hundred rupees. But she rejected saying she wasn’t a beggar. I told her that I was not helping her but supporting her and she can pay for someone else in the future. She cried as she had thought that she wouldn’t be capable of paying the medicine bill. I gave her a YTN card to remind her that she has to do a kind deed in the future.” Request a stack of YTN cards Carry them with you everywhere.

They are the size of a credit card, and will hence fit in perfectly in your wallet / purse. When you help out somebody, pass them a card, and explain to them that it is now their turn to be kind and help someone else out.

First Published: Jun 13, 2010 12:53 IST