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Tweeple take digs at SRK detention drama

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was detained at a New York airport for over two hours by immigration officials after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani, to address students at Yale University. While the issue became big after US apologised, Twitter is abuzz with jokes.

entertainment Updated: Apr 13, 2012 13:09 IST

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was detained at a New York airport for over two hours by immigration officials after arriving from India in a private plane with Nita Ambani, to address students at Yale University.

While Nita, wife of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, and the rest of their group were cleared immediately, Khan was stopped and was given immigration clearance only after about two hours.

Earlier, SRK was detained at the Newark Airport in New Jersey. Khan had said at the time he was detained for nearly two hours at the Newark International Airport because of his last name. While the issue became big after US apologised, Twitter is abuzz with jokes:

@diore03: #SRK There was no outrage when Mr. Abdul Kalam was detained at USA Airport. Infact he cooperated wid dsecurity. dats y der's no other 9/11

@aarkaygee: #SRK: Bef leaving India for US SRK shld inform them in advance and mail his pic to them with the caption MY NAME IS KHAN.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

@musingsman : If Nirupama Rao is on twitter and reading all #SRK tweets I think she'll be ROFLing when she starts speaking to the US authorities

@coolfunnytshirt: KJo to #SRK : "Lets cash-in on the detention thing! Should we make 'Detention Detention Hota Hai'?

@pingankur: So we r now hvg a diplomatic outrage over #SRK? i thot r filmstars wr more down to earth at least! Shame! get over it buddy!

@Ground_Reality: Y this fuss over a certain 'SRK'? Dont ambassadors have a better job 2 do?

@Parvath33: I`m sure the American Authorities keep detaining SRK just to stop him from making more movies.

@navedjaved: What's a bigger honor SRK? Being a Chubb Fellow or being detained? #SeriousQuestion

@subbureddy: Seriously why all d brouhaha over srk detained. What wud have happened if me n u commn effing peopl wud have been detained. We'd be in jail

@kevingala: What did the officers at the airport tell SRK? - " Shah RUK "

@cheese_charmer: If only SRK was detained for a few more hours Anna Hazare would've started a fast against Homeland Security.

@CricketSaurabh: SRK detained again in US? Unleash the sequel of My Name is Khan now in revenge.

@indiantweeter: SRK was carrying weapons of Mass destruction, DVD's of and MNIK

Shah Rukh Khan addressing the Yale community as Chubb Fellow. (Photo credits: Michael Marsland, Yale University)

Does this happen with SRK, only because he's a Khan? HT surfers react:

Ajaya Kumar Gupta: Once insulted and humiliated, why SRK is visiting USA again and again ? He may be a big star in India but not in U.S..Airport authorities treat him like any other normal person. He should not expect any super V.I.P.treatment there. I think it is hi time that SRK should realize this at the earliest.

Prabhakar Das: Time to sleep... I'm done with these and such articles... World of Tabloids, grow up... Let's concentrate on other important issues which by all means are much more reasonable and worth spending time on. Just because one SRK was detained, why such a loud hue and cry...

Cooool02: Americans r arrogent they dictate india to maintain peace with pakistan. who the hell r u to give order us.they reject visa to a chief minister narender mudi.they dictate the word.they dont care for uk.they threat china.they threat russia.they want to drop bumb on iran.american are mad pig.

desiperdesi: Indian representative to the UN a Sikh gentlemen with a turban and the Indian Ambassador here a women wearing Sari were also frisked. In USA it is business as usual. I will rather be vigilant than sorry!

Nandan, Meerut: It is not muslim, christian problem. they (usa) concerned and dedicated to their security. usa government committed to usa's public's life. they will checkup whoever. sharu khan, sunjay dutt, our pm or lalu who ever . that is absolutly ok. in India all idiots coming here without any checkup. our security persons and officers dedicated only to money.

Anjan Mitra: Dear SRK I advise you not to vist USA.

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in a still from the film My Name Is Khan


I thought, the last time after the detention, SrK said that he will NEVER come back to USA. I wonder what prompted him to come back. I guess he wants to buy a "YALE" t-shirt pretending to be a student there. LOL.

Custom officers in America are no push overs and they mean business. You enter America at their discretion. These guys will not let you go in if they even slightly don't believe in what you are saying, irrespective of your so called name.


after 9/11, a muslim is considered dangerous, and after the newyork bomber(I think his name was shahzad married with a kid holding green card) people think any muslim can try to be a devoted follower and do his duty and become a martyr. remember the recent french algerian who shot asmall girl by holding her by her hair and shooting in her head because she was a jew.

Its wrong whats happening to SRK or Ex-President Kalam, but some how I think a bit is to blame the muslim community. Remember the journalist working for Iranian New involved in trying to kill Israelite diplomat, every muslim took a procession, they new before hand that he was innocent, even the police inspector shot by terrorist, who where found with AK 47 , the vice chancellor announced that Jamia will fight case for these jihadis.

Time for the muslim world to look within and have image make over.My best friend in India a muslim thinks that Kashmir should go to Pakistan, he is a Indian and I donot think he has ever gone to Pakistan, and probably has no relative there.

Tangomike1980: I think it is obligatory for every nation to take care of its security and so USA did......there is nothing wrong to shout abt...every body is same in the eyes of rule of law and so there should be no bias on the basis of status,cast,creed, religion or nationality........we should learn lessons from USA

Sanjay: Indians are arrogant. They consider it a status symbol to skip queues, flout norms, break law, use influence to circumvent competition. There is nothing like American arrogance in airports. Everyone is equal there. They are doing their duty. They are well within their mandate to detain anyone for additional questioning if they determine they should. It is their land and they apply their law in their land. It is you - indians who are arrogant to expect not to be frisked or questioned because this jerk is a so called star. Who cares if he is a star?

India: He might be a super star in India...but for US he is just another muslim..and whole world knows how US treats muslims worldwide...nothing new in this news

Indian: Government of India must seek explanation from US Government on this Incident. It is not because SRK is a celebratory in India but it questions the very foundation of principle of fairness. If any person is who is unarmed going to a university on an invitation why he or she should be detained for questioning... This is just absurd.