The Family Man's Neeraj Madhav recalls his friends hooting over his crush in class: 'We got punished'

  • Neeraj Madhav played the role of Moosa Rehman in The Family Man. He has spoken about his first crush and how 'love for me now' is the 'feeling of coming home'.
Neeraj Madhav played the role of Moosa Rehman aka Al-Qatil in The Family Man.
Neeraj Madhav played the role of Moosa Rehman aka Al-Qatil in The Family Man.
Published on Jun 29, 2021 04:44 PM IST
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The Family Man's Neeraj Madhav, who played the role of Moosa Rehman in the series, has opened up about his first crush when he was in class 12 and turning 'into a red tomato' when she smiled at him. He also recalled when she had handed him a book and his friends hooted resulting in punishment.

Neeraj Madhav essayed the role of ISIS terrorist Moosa Rehman aka Al-Qatil in Amazon Prime Video original, The Family Man. In the series, Moosa not only half-convinces actor Manoj Bajpayee's character Srikant Tiwari about having abandoned his terror plans but also persuades his nurse, Mary. He however finally murders her in cold blood. Moosa succumbs to a road fight with his protege, Sajid played by Shahab Ali, at the end of the first season.

Speaking to the Humans of Bombay, Neeraj said, “I’ve studied in an all-boys school which meant I had little female interaction. So dating someone was out of the question because I was awkward around girls. That was until the 12th grade–that’s when I had my first crush! I met her at a coaching centre; she was in another batch. We bumped into each other at the water dispenser; I noticed her kohl rimmed big brown eyes. They were so captivating. For the first time, I felt butterflies. The rest of the day was a blur, but I remember smiling a lot. Everyday, I’d look forward to my classes. We didn’t speak, but sometimes, she’d smile at me & I’d turn into a red tomato!"

"We boarded buses from different stops, but I’d wait at her stop till she left & then walk towards mine. It was our little ritual. Some of my school friends waited with me & pushed me to speak to her but I couldn’t. So, what followed was sheer embarrassment! Whenever she entered class, they’d cough or say my name around her. Once she handed me a book & my friends hooted! That day, we got punished! I told them, ‘Mat karo yaar (Don't do it)!’ But their lives revolved around taking my case; it annoyed her. Still she tried talking to me once, but I exited the scene; I was shy!" he continued.

"Meanwhile, I was training for a dance reality show. And so, when I got in, I left my classes. My last day there was the last time I saw her. Back then there was no FB & I didn’t have a phone; there was no way of staying in touch. Over time, I moved out of the city. But I’d think about her sometimes. And then once, a girl called me. She didn’t say who she was but she knew about the shirt I wore on my farewell & my favourite food joint in my hometown. I couldn’t confirm it but I knew it was her! Obviously it didn’t turn out to be anything!" Neeraj said.


Neeraj revealed that the incident took place a decade ago. Today, he's married to someone else, whom he calls the 'love of my life' and together they have a baby girl.

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Neeraj will be next seen in Feel Like Ishq on Netflix. It will debut on the streaming platform on July 23. The show's ensemble cast also includes Radhika Madan, Amol Parashar, Tanya Maniktala, Kajol Chug, Mihir Ahuja, among others.

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