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Common health problems

The symptoms of Eosinophilia, in children are persistent cold, difficulty in breathing and wheezing.
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 23, 2003 07:10 PM IST


In the human blood there are three types of cells

WBCs are essential for self-defence and platelets for blood clotting. One of the varieties of WBC is called Eosinophil. When this cell increases in our blood count it is called Eosinophilia. This disease is caused by mosquito bites and is a form of allergy. Normally Eosinophils are upto 8% in the blood count. The symptoms of Eosinophilia are persistent cold, difficulty in breathing and wheezing. It can be completely cured by medicines.

Kidney Diseases

Just like brain and heart, kidneys are very important for our body maintenance. The kidneys regulate excretion of waste products, maintain vitamin D and calcium levels and the most important, they maintain normal blood pressure.

Urinary infections should never be left untreated because recurrent urinary infection may lead to complications later. Girls are prone to urinary infections because of the proximity between the urinary passage and anal opening. A self-retaining nappy is one of the most important reasons for ascending urinary infections. The child should be thoroughly washed after every soiling.

Recurrent fever, head ache, high blood pressure leading on to fits, difficulty in passing urine, burning sensation, puffiness of face and swelling of feet (Oedema) are all important signs and symptoms of urinary infection.


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