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Don’t blow your top!

Are you known as an angry young man or a bandit queen because of your aggression? Take this quiz and find out!

health and fitness Updated: May 07, 2012 16:32 IST
Shweta Kansara
Shweta Kansara
Hindustan Times

Are you known as an angry young man or a bandit queen because of your aggression? Take this quiz and find out!

At times I get mean or rough with the people I love, like my friends and family:
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe

If I regret any incidents or actions from the past, I often think:
a. I have got into trouble a number of times by hurting people physically or emotionally.
b. I have few regrets in life
c. I need to alter some of my mistakes and learn from them.

While getting any work done:
a. I feel it’s necessary to have strict control; hence I end up being too bossy or argumentative.
b. I delegate the authority into others’ hands and ask them to give orders.
c. I explain things that are to be completed on time and give a deadline if required, politely.

If I get angry or get annoyed at someone:
a. I feel strongly repulsed and think of bashing up or abusing that person.
b. I rarely see myself getting angry to that extent and even if I do, I cry or keep it to myself.
c. I make sure he or she knows I am upset with him/her so they don’t repeat it in the future.

People view me as:
a. Often irritated and snappy.
b. Calm and composed most of the time.
c. Reasonably understanding in most situations

If I receive criticisms:
a. I become very argumentative, I criticise the other person or say cruel thing to hurt him/her.
b. I will quietly accept the feedback.
c. I will sit and reason out the validity of the critic I will give my clarifications where and when required.

Most as
You have a tendency to be aggressive and defensive, especially in your interactions with others.You may appear to be very competitive and self-guarded and you often lose your cool when things don’t go your way.
Most bs
You are a very peaceful person. You dislike conflicts and avoid them as much as possible. You would rather agree or give in to others viewpoints, than create disputes of any kind.
Most cs

You can lose your cool in certain situations, but your triggers aren’t irrational. You can express that you’re feeling annoyed but at the same time you will never have an outburst of your rage.

Shweta Kansara is a counselling psychologist at Mindtemple.

Contact her at

First Published: May 07, 2012 15:29 IST