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For healthy joints

Adhering to a healthy diet regimen while undergoing physiotherapy will help your bones remain in good shape.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 15, 2010 16:43 IST
Leena mogre
Leena mogre
Hindustan Times

Adhering to a healthy diet regimen while undergoing physiotherapy will help your bones remain in good shape

I am a 29-year-old man, 5'8" tall and weigh 63 kg. Recently, I suffered a slipped disc and am doing the exercises recommended by my physiotherapist. I drink one cup of tea in the morning, eat two chapatis for breakfast, a fruit mid-morning, and two chapatis, rice and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Does this suit me? Please suggest a different diet if you feel it appropriate.
Sunil Agate

According to your height your weight should be 68-70 kg. You can follow this diet:
Early morning: A fistful of nuts (1 walnut/ 2-3 soaked almonds/ a few raisins).
Breakfast: One glass of skimmed milk + 2-3 tsp of proteinex + 1 bowl of oats porridge/ 1 plate of poha.
Midmorning: Two egg whites + any seasonal fruit.
Lunch: Two chapatis + 1 cup of rice + One-and-a-half bowls of dal + 1 cup of vegetables + salad.
After lunch: One cup of curd.
Evening snacks: One glass of fruit juice + 1 plate of idlis with sambar/ chana chat/ 1 sandwich made from whole wheat bread.
Dinner: 2 chapatis + chicken/ soyachunks + 1 cup of vegetables + salad.
Bedtime: One cup of skimmed milk.

I'm 29 years old, 5' 3" tall and weigh 65 kg. I delivered a baby three months back and am breastfeeding. Please suggest a diet plan and exercise regime that will help me tone up and reach my earlier weight of 56 kg.
Saba Ali

You can lose weight gradually by combining a healthy, low-fat diet with moderate exercise. Rapid weight loss may pose a danger to your baby. Breastfeeding burns up the fat that you build up during pregnancy. You can lose around half-a-kilo a month owing simply to the demands of producing milk. Reduce your calorie intake when your baby switches to other food items. Limiting what you eat in the early weeks of lactation may reduce your milk supply.
Additional calories are needed to provide enough energy to supply for the growing baby. As you start to wean your baby, your calorie needs will gradually return to pre-pregnancy levels. The recommended dietary allowance for lactating mothers is as follows:
0-6 months - 550 Kcal/ day.
7-12 months - 400 Kcal/ day.
Focus on eating whole grains and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods that provide plenty of protein, calcium and iron. Ensure that you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day since it's a major constituent of breast milk. You can also consume fruit and vegetable juices, lassi, buttermilk, etc.

I'm a 31-year-old man, weigh 45 kg and my height is 5'6". Please advise me on weight gain.

To tell you how to gain weight, we need to know your current dietary habits and exercise schedule. On general terms, you have to increase your calorie intake by 500 calories a day if you wish to gain weight.

I'm 24 years old, 5'4" tall and weight 59 kg. I work in a bank and need to be seated for 6-8 hours in a day. I work out in a gym early morning to reduce my belly. Please suggest a diet regime.

At 5'4", you should weigh around 54/ 55 kg. Which means you have to lose about 4 to 5 kg. Control your diet by avoiding fried and starchy foods. Also, avoid rice with dinner. In the gym, do at least three days of intensive cardio every week by targeting to lose between 600 to 750 calories in an hour. Try group exercise classes such as spinning or kickboxing, which will help you lose weight faster. Also keep varying your workout every 2/ 3 weeks to take your body by surprise. This usually helps in losing weight.