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Forgiveness & peace

Negative emotions must be resolved. Otherwise, they will remain in dormant forms in the mind.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 01, 2004 18:13 IST
Swami Nikhilananda
Swami Nikhilananda

To eliminate negative emotions, they must be resolved. Otherwise, they remain in the subconscious in a dormant form.

Anger does not remain in the conscious mind all the time. We notice that incidents producing angry reactions are lost in memory with time. It is somewhat similar to the toxins of our body.

The toxins emerge in the form of diseases — a rash on the body, white heads, constipation or a sore throat. Unresolved issues create constipation in the body. When we are not ready to give up old habits and emotions, it causes constipation. Mental constipation leads to physical constipation.

The feeling of revenge leads to other emotions. Jealousy is also a form of anger or non-forgiveness. And so is greed. When we want something other than what we have, we show our unhappiness with the world as it is presenting itself at the moment. Many people say they do not like their lives; they hate the way they are. This means we are not comfortable with our lives at the present moment or we are non-forgiving to what "is". Indirectly, we do not forgive God or the system.

If we can imbibe this value of forgiveness, we will be released from our negative emotions and become peaceful and tranquil.

When we are non-forgiving, we blame someone else. But at the same time we hurt ourselves. Non-forgiveness leads to self-hurt. When we are angry or jealous we can neither eat nor sleep properly. So whom are we hurting? Only ourselves. The person towards whom our anger or pride is directed may not be affected.

When we want to punish others, it causes us sorrow. Looked at from another angle, when we think we should hurt someone, we are taking on God's job or taking the law into our hands.

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First Published: Mar 01, 2004 18:13 IST