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Moderate lifestyle helps your heart: Expert

A life lived in moderation is a life lived healthy - this is a mantra Dr KK Aggarwal, a renowned cardiologist in Delhi has been popularising.

health and fitness Updated: Feb 20, 2004 20:59 IST

A life lived in moderation is a life lived healthy - this is a mantra Dr KK Aggarwal, a renowned cardiologist at Mool Chand Hospital in Delhi has been spreading among his numerous patients. From feasting-fasting to sports and physical exercise, he says, “excess in any form is bad for your heart.”

According to Dr Aggarwal, nature has the best preventive and curative properties, only if we heed to it. Some invaluable tips from the expert: Anything originating from a plant cannot have cholesterol and any fat, anything that is liquid at room temperature, cannot be saturated. Any eatable green in colour has anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties. In short, he says, vegetarianism is always good for your cardiac muscles.

Thrice elected president of Indian Medical Association, New Delhi and once vice president of Delhi Medical Association (DMA), Dr Aggarwal is this year’s presidential candidate for the DMA.

Dr Aggarwal feels his priority; if he were elected to the post, would be to provide better healthcare facilities to Delhi’s people and solve the problems faced by the medical fraternity.

Dr. Aggarwal, who prefers to be called a leader than a captain, has already chalked out his agenda. He says: “Among other things, Delhi’s medical fraternity is beset with problem. Foremost, we need to improve the image of people working in the healthcare sector. Also, there are no standard guidelines to monitor the interests of patients and doctors.”

Dr Aggarwal says that the government’s recent circular to displace nursing homes from residential areas will not be in the interests of people. It will deprive them of emergency medical assistance. “A medical help within five minutes needs to be provided to patients or citizens in case of any mishap or eventuality”, says Dr Aggarwal.

He feels despite the bad name given to private nursing homes, they have been doing a great job by providing services round the clock to people in various colonies of the city. “The government needs to take care of doctors and nursing homes, apart from looking into the interests of people”, he says.

The nursing homes have their own problems”, he says. “There is no single window to redress the grievances of registration, administration and other issues of doctors in private practice”, Dr Aggarwal adds.

Good health is the main issue, which the 45-year-old doctor wants to promote - both in public and healthcare staff, particularly among doctors.

Some tips from him

Follow the rule of moderation in every aspect of your life.

Have variety in food (oil, grams, granules, vegetables, milk-products) etc

Say no to smoking

Go for annual, preventive check-ups

Go for body detoxification regularly

Some time-tested sutras

Anything that is plant-origin cannot have cholesterol

Any fat, which is liquid at room temperature, cannot be saturated

Anything that is green in colour has anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties

Any eatable, which splits into two equal parts, produces gas in stomach when eaten. For example – peas, pulses, grams etc.

There are seven basic colours of eatables and each is important to the body, as they are made-up of Vitamins.

First Published: Feb 20, 2004 18:54 IST