Seven diet mistakes to avoid this Diwali
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Seven diet mistakes to avoid this Diwali

We list up the biggest diet blunders people make during the festive season. Here’s to a binge-proof Diwali!

health and fitness Updated: Oct 24, 2016 09:21 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
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Here is how you can stay healthy during Diwali.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

It’s the time for revelry as Diwali is around the corner. With festivities in full swing, it is easy to give in to the temptation and gorge on mithais and chocolates that keep pouring in. While you may have pledged that you will not turn into a glutton this festive season, you might end up making these silly dieting errors that can take a toll on your health, and leave you battling those bulges. Here are the most common diet mistakes that people make during the festive season and how to avoid them.

Using white sugar and white flour

Instead of white sugar, opt for brown sugar or jaggery when making sweets at home. White sugar contains traces of sulphur which enter during the refining process. This is the reason why making mithai and sweets with white sugar can be unhealthy. Also avoid sweets made of white flour. Go for sweets made up of wheat flour or milk and jaggery based sweets such as Paneer ki Mithai.

Avoid reusing oil

The biggest mistake that sweet shops make is that they tend to reuse the oil while frying sweets. Once the oil is used then it shouldn’t be reused as it is unhealthy. Reusing the oil leads to creation of free radicals which harm the body by clogging the arteries, causing acidity and heartburn. While going to buy fresh sweets one should be careful that sweets should not be fried in reused oil. Also this goes without saying that fried sweets are unhealthy. Opt for baked or steamed options such as dhokla and khandvi.

Skipping fruits

Want to satisfy your appetite this season without getting an upset stomach? Make sure you have your daily dose of fruits. The fibre in the fruits will ensure that your digestive system functions properly. Maida and sugar in the sweets can make you constipated and leave you feeling full.

Skipping meals

Another mistake we tend to make during the festive season is that we go to parties on an empty stomach thinking that we can banish our hunger pangs by binging at the party. Skipping meals so you can binge eat is the main reason for your weight gain. Apart from piling on the pounds, you can also suffer from fatigue and low immunity.

Not having enough water

Sipping cold drinks during festive gatherings would make you dehydrated and increase your calorie intake. Drinking water regularly is a must as it helps to detox. Also, you can neutralise the alcohol content with water. Coconut water is a good choice to keep yourself hydrated and healthy during the festive season.

Not practising portion control

The opposite of skipping meals is eating anything that appeals to your taste buds. If there is one thing we are guilty of this season then it’s being gluttonous. This can lead to a high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and sugar. Practise portion control as overeating puts a strain on your liver. So make sure you are eating in small portions within a gap of minimum three hours.

Not keeping a tab on alcohol consumption

Have alcohol in moderation. Opt for beer over whiskey or wine as it is less dehydrating. Cocktails which are a combination of alcohol and juices should be avoided as they are a calorie bomb and are equally dehydrating.

Inputs by nutritionists, Kavita Devgan and Tripti Tandon

First Published: Oct 24, 2016 09:17 IST