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Staying away from drink

Staying away from the first drink is the toughest part. It may be just a peg. But it leads to second...

health and fitness Updated: Jun 14, 2003 18:07 IST

This is the toughest part. It may be just a peg. But it leads to the second and soon the old, excessive drinking pattern starts again. Here are some ways of getting rid of the temptation:

Have a 24-hour plan. Don’t make sweeping statements about not drinking forever. In your drinking days, you may have sworn on your mother or child that you will never drink again and would have not been able to keep your promise.

So watch yourself each day. Just tell yourself that you will not drink today.

Take Disulfiram. If your doctor has prescribed disulfiram, take it. Sometimes abstinence cannot be achieved with will power alone.

Postpone the drink. The craving for alcohol will return suddenly. Tell yourself that you cannot reach for the bottle now. Maybe tomorrow. If you have abstained today, and realised that you can do this, it will give you the confidence to do it tomorrow also.

Remember the last drunk episode. Recall the last time you got home or to work in a sozzled state and all the embarrassment that followed, when you have the craving for a drink.

Maintain regular eating habits. Being on an empty stomach leads to the craving for alcohol. So eat healthy food regularly.

Avoid all mood-changing drugs. Sleep problems are common during the early period of abstinence. Self-prescribed sleeping pills or any mood altering drugs do more harm than good. They are a threat to sobriety. Worse, they may lead to another kind of addiction. Slowly, you will regain good sleep.

(To be continued)


First Published: Jun 14, 2003 18:07 IST