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Yoga to the rescue

Apart from inner beauty and tranquility, Yoga can give you a slim and sculpted body, writes Juhi Garg.
Hindustan Times | By Juhi Garg Juhi Garg Juhi Garg Juhi Garg, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 12:20 PM IST

If you thought yoga is all about calmness, fitness and inner beauty, then you seriously need a reality check. Of course, when all pictures of yoga depict a person sitting crossed legs with closed eyes or balancing on one leg like a gymnast, then you can't be blamed for thinking that yoga is the best remedy for nothing but the above options.

Interestingly, it can do wonders to your physique too. Be it for a slim, sculpted body, giving you a flat enviable tummy or even a shapely neck, yoga has a solution for everything you want enhanced in your outer beauty. And here we try and attempt to make this routine more playful for you.

For glowing skin
Glowing skin is a ‘free gift' you get for being a yoga freak. So let's look at a few easy yoga poses to start with for getting a nice rosy hue on your face…all natural.

Cheeky-Affair Procedure: Close your ears with your thumbs, place both the index fingers on top of your eye brows and close your eyes with the rest of your fingers. Suck air through your mouth and fill your cheeks with it. Retain this position for 10 counts and release from your nose.

The-Flute-Player: Procedure: Open your fingers wide and touch the fingertips of your left hand with the fingertips of your right hand. Keep your upper arms parallel to the ground.

Keeping the same hand and finger position, close your nostrils with your thumbs. Inhale deeply, like sucking air from your mouth and close your mouth.

While retaining this breath, make your chin touch your chest and cheeks blown. The finger position has to be maintained still with your thumbs keeping the nostrils closed. Get your neck back to its normal position and exhale through your nose.

(Juhi Garg is a Delhi based yoga expert. She can be contacted at

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