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Parliament session highlights- ‘This is not Emergency that we throw anyone in jail,’ PM responds to Congress

Parliament session highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reply on motion of thanks on President’s address today.

By HT Correspondent | Jun 25, 2019 19:22 IST

In the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied on motion of thanks on President’s address on Tuesday.

On Monday, Pratap Sarangi, a first-time lawmaker from Odisha, opened the debate to thank the President for his speech in the joint sitting of both Houses last week. He blasted the Opposition for questioning the surgical strikes and forging an adulterated (“maha milawati”) alliance even as Congress members protested that the minister was only busy praising the PM and not talking about the President’s speech.

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Congress’s floor leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government was “addicted to compliments” and claimed the BJP falsely accused Sonia and Rahul Gandhi but failed to send the two top Congress leaders to jail.

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The tone and substance of the debate at this early stage in the life of the 17th Lok Sabha indicated that politics would continue be severely polarised, and that parties are already looking at future elections with an eye on key social constituencies.

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6:10 pm IST

‘Let us rise above petty politics, political affiliations’: PM Modi

“Let us all come together to fulfil the aspirations of 130 crore people by rising above petty politics and political affiliations,” said PM Modi while concluding his speech.

6:08 pm IST

‘Congress could enforce uniform civil code, but they branded it Hindu civil code’: PM Modi

“Congress had opportunities to enforce uniform civil code but they branded it as Hindu civil code and used it to further their own interests. They had the opportunity during Shahbano case too, but they didn’t take it. They have opportunity even now when our government has introduced this Bill,” said PM Modi.

6:07 pm IST

‘Country has given us so much, we don’t need to sway from correct path’: PM Modi

“We are being taunted for not putting ‘them’ in jail. We are not in Emergency, we follow rule of law. You must enjoy while you are out of jail. We have got so much from our country, we don’t need to sway from the correct path,” said PM Modi.

6:06 pm IST

Cong ministers said ‘if they (Muslims) want to lie in the gutter let them be’:PM Modi (ANI)

“What one of the main Congress ministers during Shah bano case said in an interview recently is shocking. He said other Congress ministers remarked that it was not the job of the Congress to reform Muslims. “If they want to lie in the gutter let them be” is what they said, reports news agency ANI.

6:05 pm IST

‘We will continue our fight against corruption’: PM Modi

“We need to modernise our country and impart skills to our people. We will continue our fight against corruption,” said PM Modi.

6:04 pm IST

‘We should provide ease of living, equal opportunity to citizens’: PM Modi

“India had several factories that produced weapons when it got freedom, China had none, but today China is one of the largest exporters of arms and ammunition while we are the largest importers. What will one gain from criticising “Make in India” programme? New India is our dream, providing ease of living, equal opportunity to our citizens is what must be done,” said PM Modi.

6:02 pm IST

‘Why can we not have a 5 trillion dollar economy?’: PM Modi

“Why can’t all of us come together to make the dream of having a 5 trillion dollar economy come true?” PM Modi asked MPs.

5:59 pm IST

‘We will save common people’s live by saving water’: PM Modi

“We have to save water, we will save common people’s live by saving water. Water crisis impacts the poor and our women the most. Lohia ji wanted women to be freed from water and toilet crisis.We will do this, even if it doesn’t give us the popular rating ,” said PM Modi.

5:56 pm IST

‘Oppn did not acknowledge Ambedkar’s contribution to conserve water’: PM Modi

“Ambedkar was instrumental in taking major decisions to conserve water but his name was not taken,” said PM Modi, taking another dig at the opposition. “One can’t see Ambedkar from great heights,” the PM added.

5:54 pm IST

‘Instead of taking rest after polls, I made important decisions for people’: PM Modi

“I felt like resting a bit after the big poll victory, but that is not our way. We instead chose to take important decisions in the last 3 weeks. We have taken a decision to increase the ambit of farmers getting central help, we announced important steps for our soldiers,” said PM Modi.

5:51 pm IST

‘I am not entitled to thinking small, I have to fulfil all you dreams’: PM Modi

“I am not used to thinking small nor am I entitled to it (small thinking) as I have to fulfil the dreams of close to 130 crore Indian citizens,” said PM Modi.

5:48 pm IST

‘Mahatma Gandhi made every citizen a freedom fighter’: PM Modi

“Mahatma Gandhi made every citizen a freedom fighter, this was Bapu’s doing.The president also raised the relevance of putting duty over rights for serving India,” said PM Modi

5:46 pm IST

‘Sentiment to live in order to serve country is needed’: PM Modi

“Sentiment to give one’s life defined time before the Independence, sentiment to live in order to serve the country is needed 75-years post freedom,” said PM Modi.

5:42 pm IST

‘This black spot (Emergency) on our democracy will stay forever,’ says PM Modi

“We remember this (Emergency) not because we want to criticise somebody but because we must not forget what happened. It is important for all of us to remember. This black spot on our democracy will stay forever,” said PM Modi.

5:40 pm IST

‘On this day, country’s soul was crushed’, says PM Modi, referring to Emergency

“Today is June 25, it was this night that country’s soul was crushed. India’s democracy wasn’t born out of constitution but it was born out of India’s soul. All of India was reduced to a jail, all the laws and constitutions were crushed on June 25,” said PM Modi while referring to the Emergency that was imposed in 1975 under Indira Gandhi.

5:36 pm IST

‘I have always commended all governments in this Parliament’: PM Modi

“The government, during 2005- 2014, never ever praised Atal Bihar Vajpayee, forget Atal, they didn’t praise even Manmohan Singh, while I have said on record from the Red Fort that all governments have contributed to taking this country forward. I have also commended all governments in this Parliament. We don’t limit our praise for Pranab da because he belonged to some other party, only people’s contribution for country matters to us and not their affiliation,” said PM Modi.

5:33 pm IST

‘We want to be always attached to the roots, unlike you’: PM Modi

“We don’t want to occupy high spaces like you . We want to be always attached to the roots,” said PM Modi.

5:29 pm IST

‘You are so far from ground reality that you are uprooted’: PM Modi

“The people’s journey from ‘why don’t do they do it (power, fuel, houses, roads) to why do they do it’ has been very long. Some people are so high that they no longer see the ground, they are so high that they are now uprooted, they are now so high that they look at those on the ground with contempt,” said PM Modi.

5:27 pm IST

‘Govt is for those who do not have anyone’: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

“We have worked with this emotion for the last 5-years - Govt is for those who do not have anyone,” said PM Modi.

5:25 pm IST

‘Opportunity to make positive difference to lives is special: PM Modi

“The opportunity to serve 130 crore Indians and work to make a positive difference in the lives of our citizens is special to me.” :ANI

5:20 am IST

‘I see beyond poll victories and losses’: PM Modi

“It would be wrong to analyse these polls in terms of winners and losers, I can’t think like this, I see it beyond the poll victories and losses,” PM Modi said.

5:13 pm IST

‘No greater satisfaction in life than people’s endorsement’: PM Modi

“There is no greater satisfaction in life than the endorsement received from the people. This is not about poll figures but about a life mission,” PM Modi said.

5:15 pm IST

‘We have been given another chance, more votes’: PM Modi

“The 2019 mandate was given after proper assessment and scrutiny by the electorate. Government’s 5 year long commitment and effort to implement people welfare measures were recognised by the voters,” PM Modi said.

5:11 pm IST

PM Modi replies to motion of thanks on President’s address

Prime minister has begun his address in Lok Sabha. He will be replying to the Motion Of Thanks on the President’s address.

4:51 pm IST

‘Opposition feels uneasy when PM is praised’: Meenakshi Lekhi

“The opposition party feels uneasy when the prime minister is praised for the good work he has done,” said Meenakshi Lekhi in Lok Sabha.

4:30 pm IST

‘Take us along to build nation, do not gobble MPs from other parties,’ Jayadev Galla tell BJP

“What is the meaning of ‘Sabka Sath’...The real meaning is you should take us along with you to build this great country. It does not mean that you should gobble MPs from other parties....No party, however, powerful it may be...should be able to dictate terms to smaller and regional parties,” Jayadev Galla said.

3:55 pm IST

‘Sabka sath’ only used as slogan, reality is different, says Jayadev Galla

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jayadev Galla said, was using the slogan ‘Sabka Sath’ but only on ground. In the Parliament and in state Assemblies, the reality was different.

3:00 pm IST

‘Breaking the TDP’: Jayadev Galla criticise BJP

Jayadev Galla, Telugu Desam Party’s Lok Sabha member, criticised the BJP, saying it was “breaking” the TDP by resorting to “coercive politics” and “weaponising” institutions, reports PTI.

“The BJP is breaking our party and driving out four of our Rajya Sabha MPs by resorting to coercive politics and weaponising institutions,” Jayadev Galla said participating in the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address.

2:36 pm IST

World-renowned economists finding it difficult with this govt: Kottayam MP

Thomas Chazhikadan, Kottayam MP, speaks against the motion of thanks on President’s Address. Says, world-renowned economists, who were earlier working with Indian government, are finding it difficult to work with this government because this government favours the rich and not the poor. He mentioned the names of Urjit Patel, Surjit Bhalla and Viral Acharya.

He also spoke about the pollution in rivers and lakes of Kerala.

2:25 pm IST

Ram Temple should have found mention in President’s address: Sena MP

Prataprao Jadhav, Shiv Sena MP from Buldhana: The issues of building Ram temple in Ayodhya and Article 370 in Jammu-Kashmir didn’t find mention in President’s address. These should have found mention in the address. Adds, there is a need for a strict law to control population in the country.

1:30 pm IST

Tamil Nadu govt ‘most corrupt’, AIADMK a BJP slave: DMK

The DMK on Tuesday launched a blistering attack in the Lok Sabha on the Tamil Nadu government, calling it the “most corrupt” and the state’s ruling party AIADMK a “slave” of the BJP.

Speaking during a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, DMK’s Dayanidhi Maran asked the BJP to “introspect” as to why people of Tamil Nadu rejected it during the recent Lok Sabha polls and said the saffron party’s strength lies in “opposition’s weakness”.

His sharp condemnation of the AIADMK, which has only one member in the House, drew protests from BJP members, who quoted rules to claim that Maran cannot use “offensive” words against a state government or raise such an issue while speaking on the President’s address.

12:33 pm IST

BJP MP Hema Malini thanks PM Modi for facilitating women empowerment

During the discussion on motion of thanks for President’s address in the Lok Sabha, BJP MP Hema Malini thanked and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for facilitating women empowerment in the country.

11:51 am IST

TMC’s Nusrat Jahan takes oath as member of Lok Sabha

TMC’s winning candidate from Basirhat (West Bengal), Nusrat Jahan took oath as a member of Lok Sabha today.

11:27 am IST

TMC’s Mimi Chakraborty takes oath as member of Lok Sabha

TMC’s winning candidate from Jadavpur, Mimi Chakraborty took oath as a member of Lok Sabha today.

11:10 am IST

Kerala Congress MPs protest in Parliament premises over farmer issues

Kerala Congress MPs hold protest in front of Mahatma Gandhi statue at the Parliament over various farmer issues including farmer suicide.

11:07 am IST

Rajya Sabha proceedings to begin at 2 pm

After paying tribute to late Rajasthan BJP unit chief Madan Lal Saini, the Rajya Sabha will be adjourned till 2 pm. Decision to adjourn RS till 2 pm was taken this morning at a meeting of leaders of about 15 parties chaired by chairman vice president Venkaiah Naidu.

11:00 am IST

Rajya Sabha to pay tribute to Madan Lal Saini

At 11 am, the Rajya Sabha will pay tribute to Rajasthan BJP unit chief Madan Lal Saini, who died at New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Monday, a party spokesperson said. He was 75.