PM Modi launches auction of coal mines. Full speech here

Hindustan Times, New Delhi || Edited by Susmita Pakrasi
Jun 18, 2020 02:50 PM IST

The prime minister had held meeting with the chief ministers for two days where he discussed the Covid-19 situation in the country. He said India will turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the auction of 41 coal mines for commercial mining and said that this is a major step in making India self-reliant in energy sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India will fight Corona and will also win , it will also move forward(ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India will fight Corona and will also win , it will also move forward(ANI)

India will turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

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Here’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s full address at virtual launch of auctioning of coal mines for commercial mining:

Thank you Prahlad ji , hello to everyone.

All the comrades taking part in this event at home and abroad are very welcome. So Challenging Time to be this kind of event , you must include all , you have a very big hope awakens in , comes to the big message of confidence.

India will fight Corona and will also win , it will also move forward. India major disaster , disaster cry and understand - not the side of the seating area. India Disaster how great it may be , is determined to change her opportunity and we will have the opportunity to disaster by all together. This crisis of Corona has also taught India the lesson of being self-reliant India- Self Reliant .

Independent India ie Bharat Import will reduce their dependence on. Independent India ie Bharat Import bring against foreign exchange lakhs of crores of rupees spent on and work for the welfare of the poor. Independent India ie India Import do not , for he will constantly strive towards developing tools and resources in their own country , will grow further. On mine I am confident to say that , today we Import do , at the largest of the Exporter will.

Comrades , this goal it is very necessary to achieve that we each grabbed a sector , each holding a product , while one service care Holistic work methods. Make India self-sufficient in that region by choosing one region. Today’s Event Similar thinking an important towards realizing initiative is , is a strong move.

Today , a huge step is being taken to make India self-reliant in the Energy Sector . These programs simply Coal Mining connected to , associated with a sector reforms is to take off on the ground , is not it, but it’s 130 million Aspirations to Realize the commitment to. This is the beginning of creating millions of employment opportunities for our young colleagues.

Peers , Self Reliance to prove the resolution when it was last month declared independence India campaign , so many people think it is normal governmental process. But within a month , every announcement , every reforms , whether Agriculture Sector in , regardless of MSMEs in the sector or longer Coal and Mining of Sector in , are taking a variety of steps in every area with a , Decisions are being made , and everyone is trying to land the decisions faster.

It shows that India Crisis to Opportunity is how serious change , so Committed is. Today we just Commercial Coal Mining to Auction the Launch are not , but Coal Sector are excluded from lockdown of decades. Coal sector is the impact of the lockdown ,

You all know this better than me. Imagine , which country Coal Reserve is the fourth largest country in the world according to , which is the second largest of the Producer ‘s , they land Coal ‘s Export does not our country the world’s second largest Coal Importer are , the coal import .

The big question is that when we are in the world Producers Largest like , a kind of Largest Producers which the main Group , we are one of them. If this is true then why can’t we be Largest Exporter ? And all of us have to ask ourselves. And the same question has always arisen in the mind of me , all of you and crores of Indians too.

Friends , this situation was going on here for decades. The country’s Coal Sector was entangled in the web of Captive and Non-captive . It was kept out of the competition , a big problem of Transparency has come up again and again. Honestly Auction leave the , coal mines allotment has heard everyone talking about big scandals , has been at all times , has resulted in every corner. Due to this, investment in the coal sector of the country was also low and its efficiencyShe was always surrounded by questions. Coal came out of a state , hundreds of kilometers away from another state’s power plant . While the power plants of the state kept waiting for coal. So quite a few M Ismanage was , was disrupted.

Friends , After 2014, several steps were taken to change this situation . The coal linkage that no one could think of , we showed it. Coal sector was also strengthened due to such steps . Today , the power to absorb big reforms is coming in him. Recently we did the reforms , which were being discussed for decades. You guys were also doing it. Who himself Export competitor admits , they were even. Now India Coal and Mining Sector of competition for , capital for , ParticipationAnd Technology for , has taken a very big decision to fully open. It has also taken care that the new Players, Private Players both in mining , they Finance no reason to be difficult , given her has been taken care of in order to encourage new ones. .

Friends , Self Reliance is not possible without a strong Mining and Minerals sector . Because Minerals and Mining Our Economy is Important Pillars are. After these reforms, now coal production, the entire coal sector will also be self - sufficient in a way . Now the market has opened for coal , the sector will buy as much as it needs.

Colleagues , who Reforms we made , it benefits not only the coal sector , will also be on other sectors. When we Coal Production increased if Power Generation grow as well as Steel, Aluminium, fertilizer , many other sectors such as Cement Production and Processing on Positive Impact is. Fortunately we have Coal, Iron, Bauxite, many such Minerals Reserves are very close to each other ,There are many nearby in a way, like God has kept a cluster for us. Such as , recently Minerals which took Reforms were , he Coal Mining Reforms these other sectors to join are also very strong.

Colleagues , Commercial Coal Mining today for this Auction is the beginning of it all Stakeholders to win-win Situation is. The industries , you , your business , your investment now new Resources will , find new markets. With this , the state governments will get better revenue , a large population of the country will get employment. In a way, the work of serving the poor can also be done with coal , it will create confidence.That is, there will be a positive impact on every sector and due to what I am feeling , we are going to get the most blessings of poor people and poor people of our country.

Colleagues , Coal Reforms While this thing has been taken care of the Environment to protect India’s commitment will not weaken from anywhere. Coal and Gas We want to use the now improved and modern technology to make and will come at a better Technology , coal gasification such steps Environment will be protected. Using gas made from coal Transport and Cooking will be , urea and Steel Manufacturing will promote the industries involved. We have set a target that by 2030 , that is, about 100 million tons in this decadeCoal to Gasify be. I’ve been told that it has identified four projects and nearly Rs 20 thousand crores on Invest will be.

Colleagues , Coal Sector associated with these reforms Eastern and Central India and , in particular, our Tribal Belt of the , Development of the Pillar is a great way to build. There , where coal , where Minerals are , that part of the country, Progress and Prosperity has not reached that level in case. I thought it was part of the country , where a large number of Aspirational Districts also. The district where people , for developmentAspire are , are greedy , some are intended to pass , strength , power , everything , but this district was left far behind in the development race. You can imagine , 16 countries Aspirational Districts are , where coal has large reserves.

But these gains are not more people there , as it should have. There the poor than to be good , he did not. Even from our partner in large numbers - away to leave their old parents , to leave his farm, barn Man-up friends Krek in large cities Employment for Migration do.

In such a large population opportunities for better employment near his home to reduce the number of problems and eastern and central India , Commercial Mining towards which we are taking steps , they bring a desired result and when I desired result Let’s talk , I have to develop these areas. We have to do well for the poor. We first create a self-sustaining the countryside , create self-sufficient in every family there , is to change the poor life.

Today the Coal Blocks The Auction is happening , they have millions in the region Jobs is expected to generate. Not only that , from extracting coal Transportation to improve to who would be willing modern infrastructure , it also will be opportunities , such as more facilities for those who live there. Recently, the government has decided to spend 50 thousand crore rupees on such infrastructure.

Peers , are in Coal Sector Reform , occurring in this sector investments , people’s lives , especially playing a huge role in making our poor and tribal brothers and simplify the lives of sisters. Coal Production which states Extra Revenue will , use it there will be public welfare schemes , will be in the state of development. Along with this, the District Minerals Fund is also going to help the states a lot and this help will continue. The bulk of this fund is being invested in the development of essential facilities in the vicinity of Coal Mining . Lives of the people thereease of living, they do not struggle to live , they do not have to struggle with the government. They should live with self-respect , they should live self- reliant , that is , where there is wealth , there should also be prosperity among the people , we are moving forward with this goal. Today are taking these steps , the goal will be very helpful to achieve.

Colleagues , this Auction are in a time , when India Business Activity is becoming increasingly normal. Consumption and Demand are moving rapidly towards the Pre-covid Level . In such a situation there cannot be a better time for this new beginning. Power Generation is , Consumption is , Petroleum Products in Demand is , these increased rapidly in the first week of the end of May and June. Similarly , E-way Bills, compared to April , has seen a big jump of around 200%. In June Toll Collection also , February Collection has reached 70 per cent of. Improvement of 26 percent has been registered in Railway Freight Traffic in the month of May as compared to April . If Total digital Retail Transactions, his talk , his Volume and Value, began to be increased in both.

Friends , Rural Economy is also starting to catch its speed . This time the area of Kharif Crops is more than 13% over the previous year. Wheat Production and Procurement have both increased. Compared to last year, yet more than 11 per cent of wheat Procurement been mean that this time came more money in the pockets of farmers’s all the Indicators are , I show did not take too much time short , he Showing that the Indian Economy is ready to do a Bounce Back fast , has moved forward.

Friends , India has come out of the biggest crisis , it will also come out of it . If we Indians are crores of consumers , then don’t forget that there are crores of producers too. India’s success, India’s growth is certain. We can become self-sufficient. You remember , till just a few weeks ago we used to buy N- 95 mask , Corona testing kit , Personal Protective Equipment- PPE, ventilator , most of our needs from outside. Now India is fulfilling its demand from Make In India itself. Rather , we are very importantExporter of medical products will also be made. You can keep your faith , your courage high , we can all meet these dreams. We can be self-reliant and this is the resolve of all of us , the resolution of 130 crore countrymen. We have to build a self-reliant India and we can build a self-reliant India.

Self Reliant India which Journey L30 million Indians have started , you also her partner. Come forward to lead you. There are very few occasions in life when there is an opportunity to twist history by doing something. Today India’s industry , today India’s business , today has a chance to change history to heal the people of India’s service sector . The opportunity has come to change the direction of history. There is a chance to change the destiny of India. We do not have to let this chance go. We do not have to leave this opportunity. Here , turn up to India , make India self-reliant India.

Friends , today I got a chance to be among you. Matter of coal , walk by dreaming of diamonds. Once again , my best wishes to all of you for this important beginning , this important step in the coal sector! I would especially like to congratulate my colleague Prahlad Joshi ji on the Council of Ministers and his team that they used this lockdown period so much. Studied all the nuances of the entire department. Can new to the country , what can new ways ; He has given a great leadership. I want to congratulate Prahlad ji , his secretary and his team today.

You might think that you are doing a small program. I am not feeling Prahlada ji , I see that you are laying a strong foundation for self-reliant India today. And so you and your team deserve a lot of congratulations.

Industry who present partner today , I have I want to draw a confidence again , I am with you. You should take two steps in every work of the country , I am with you for walking four steps. Let us together do not let this opportunity go.

Once again, best wishes to all of you.

Thanks a lot.


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