Here’s a look at the dog performing the high jump over a gate.(Twitter)
Here’s a look at the dog performing the high jump over a gate.(Twitter)

Ain’t no gate high enough for this jumping jack doggo. Watch

This enthusiastic dog’s high jump is too cute.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Amrita Kohli
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 07:11 PM IST

Pet parents often have a couple of lines handy incase a non-animal person comes over to their house. ‘The dog’s locked in other room’, ‘my cat is different, it loves strangers’, ‘he’s more scared of you than you are of him’ - and so on. While in some cases these lines are correct, in some cases they are far from the truth. Non-animal people also usually don’t believe these lines. This doggo jumping over a gate meant to keep her at bay, and other pets like her, is probably why you wouldn’t blame them for having some trust issues.

A video re-shared on Twitter today shows the dog performing a high jump over a gate. The video was earlier shared in 2017 by Twitter user @AnthneyWoods, who captioned it, “Chill my dog can’t get out of the gate”. The clip shows the enthusiastic doggo jumping excitedly the moment her human tells her, “come on girl”.

“Get this dog a contract!” says the caption of the video as it was reposted hours ago.

With millions of views on Twitter, this video is a sure shot way to bring a smile on a dog lover’s face.

“Dog was not gonna be stopped,” comments a Twitter user. “Half point deduction for not sticking the landing,” jokes another.

“These are the same dog owners that say ‘don’t worry fam, he don’t bite’,” writes a third. “Can’t stop watching,” reacts a fourth.

What do you think of think doggo and her big jump?

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