Dr Tanaya Narendra also known as Dr Cuterus on her wedding day(Instagram)
Dr Tanaya Narendra also known as Dr Cuterus on her wedding day(Instagram)

Influencer Dr Cuterus calls out Tarun Tahiliani, others for body-shaming brides

  • Dr Tanaya Narendra is popularly known as Dr Cuterus shared how she wanted to wear a Tarun Tahiliani design for her wedding since she was 12, but that she was body shamed by his bridal store in Ambawatta. Read on....
By hindustantimes.com | Written by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 01, 2021 09:25 PM IST

Dr Tanaya Narendra is popularly known as Dr Cuterus on social media, and the self-dubbed millennial doctor is always sharing important information about important topics surrounding sexual health with her followers, educating them about sex, masturbation, sexual health, menstruation, sex myths, and much more. And today Dr Tanaya spoke about another major issue that plagues Indian society, the body shaming of brides, especially at the hands of designers, family and friends.

Sharing images from her wedding day, looking radiant, Dr Tanaya wrote, "There is SO much pressure on people to lose weight before their wedding - I had that too. Family friends would ask why I wasn’t “dieting” before my wedding (in a span of one month lmao). Some even went out of their way to send me “slimming teas”."

She shared how she always wished to wear a Tarun Tahliani design for her wedding but was body shamed by the staff at the designer's Ambawatta store, writing, "Bridal stores would body shame (looking at you, Ambawatta @taruntahiliani {yeah, that was a massive shame, because I’d wanted to wear a Tarun T to my wedding since I was 12. Never going there again. [also what’s with these big designers being afraid of big boobs? I cannot sing enough praises for the guys at Anita Dongre, who managed to make a beautifully fitting, and genuinely lovely lehenga, all in a span of three weeks!]}) and all kinds of weird comments were thrown at me about my “double chin” and “belly showing in the lehenga haww” (sic)."

She continued with how she doesn't care as she was happy on her wedding day, sharing, "But you know what? F*** that. F*** all that. Look at me, how happy I am. Double chin and all. Just look at me. And that’s all that matters - my closest friends, my lovely family, and my boy love me for who I am. And most importantly, I love me for who I am."


Dr Tanaya concluded with, "And that’s the biggest learning I can share from my wedding. Enjoy it, because happy brides are the best brides."

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