Diabetes: Breastfeeding tips for new mothers to control blood sugar levels

Published on Aug 07, 2022 01:07 PM IST

New mothers with diabetes must eat on time, have enough water, sleep well and check their blood sugar levels before and after breastfeeding. Here are other important tips.

Diabetic new mothers need support from their family members as they may not have sufficient time in hand for self-care.(Pexels)
Diabetic new mothers need support from their family members as they may not have sufficient time in hand for self-care.(Pexels)
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Are you a new mother but unsure about how to breastfeed your infant as you have diabetes? The good news is that by following certain precautions, you can go ahead with breastfeeding, which will not only be beneficial for your child but also for you. Breastfeeding not only provides optimum nutrition to your child but also reduces risk of type 2 diabetes for the mother as well as the child in future, as per studies. (Also read: World Breastfeeding Week: Diet tips for nursing mothers to prevent monkeypox)

To ensure that your blood sugar levels are balanced while breastfeeding your little one, it is important to take care of your diet as well as timing of your meals. Take a snack before feeding your child or after it as per advice of your doctor. It is important to check your blood sugar levels before and after breastfeeding the infant.

Diabetic new mothers need support from their family members as they may not have sufficient time in hand for self-care. Drinking enough water, eating on time, sleeping well, are all important factors for new mothers with diabetes to ensure good health during breastfeeding.

Here are breastfeeding tips for mothers with diabetes by Dr Ranjit Unnikrishnan, Vice Chairman & Consultant, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre.

"Breastfeeding may seem very tough for moms affected by diabetes and for this reason, the right counselling is needed to inspire them. Mothers with diabetes can speak with their health practitioner to learn the ideal approach to breastfeeding," says Dr Unnikrishnan.

• Talk to your diabetologist concerning your dosage of insulin, calorie consumption and what meals to consume and what to keep away from.

• Proper nutritional recommendation from a dietician is likewise essential. Lactating mothers need to consume a wholesome and nutritious diet for the success of breastfeeding.

• Many women with diabetes might also find their blood sugar level falls an hour or so after breastfeeding, so consuming some amount of carbohydrates and protein is recommended at that time. If the low sugars occur frequently, adding a snack before breastfeeding or reducing the dose of insulin or diabetes medications (after discussion with the diabetologist) can help.

• Pack your bag with a healthy snack whenever you are going out.

• Sometimes moms might also additionally feel thirsty after breastfeeding and for this reason they must drink adequate fluid to keep themselves hydrated.

• Try to catch up on sleep every time the infant goes to sleep; sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on the fitness of the mom.

Dr Unnikrishnan also suggests that moms with diabetes must feed their kids from each of the breasts to avoid soreness of the breasts (mastitis) and in case of any trouble like a sore nipple or issue in feeding, one must seek advice from your health practitioner before breastfeeding.

"Most importantly the mom must be happy and relaxed and keep her blood sugar under control, for the success of breastfeeding," concludes the expert.

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