Ghee to chikoo: Work from home foods to fix your health woes

  • Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests three foods that can help fix digestive troubles, expanding waistline, period problems, bone mineral density among other health woes during work from home.
Rujuta Diwekar says that our body might be giving us certain distress signals during work from home that indicate trouble.(Unsplash)
Rujuta Diwekar says that our body might be giving us certain distress signals during work from home that indicate trouble.(Unsplash)
Published on Sep 25, 2021 06:27 PM IST
Copy Link | Written by Parmita Uniyal

Working from home and not moving around much is damaging our physical and mental health in ways we cannot imagine. Apart from digestive troubles and piling up calories, sitting all day is affecting our bone health and even reproductive health. Staying glued to the screens also has an impact on our eye as well as mental health.

Taking to her Instagram account, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has posted a video where she suggests three foods that must be consumed by those leading sedentary lives and working from home, sitting all day.

The nutritionist says that our body might be giving us certain distress signals during work from home that indicate trouble. "If you are tired of working from home, your sugar cravings have increased, your digestion has become poor or if your waist size is expanding, then you must follow certain diet tips," says Diwekar.

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Food No. 1: Chikoo or sapodilla

Helps with constipation, lethargy

Diwekar who is often seen busting myths around food, nutrition and diseases on social media and encourages people to eat food items that are fresh and locally sourced says that chikoo or sapodilla is ideal to have during this season.

"Make sure you include a fresh fruit in your diet. The foods should be local, seasonal, and the name of which is in your local language. It will give you prebiotic or food for good bacteria, fibre to make digestion easier and smoother and antioxidants. Antioxidants are essentially molecules that help fight free radical damage," says Diwekar.

She says that if one feels lethargic during work from home or that they are ageing fast, this indicates a lot of free radical damage which could be fixed by a generous dose of antioxidants. Diwekar adds that consumption of fresh fruits can also fix problem of constipation.

Roasted gram(Instagram)
Roasted gram(Instagram)

Food No. 2: Chana and jaggery

They help improve bone mineral density and curb sugar cravings

Diwekar says that while sitting all day, our lower part of body is not used which means the bone mineral density starts to get wasted. She adds that the same thing happens with astronauts in space which is happening to work from home professionals.

"When this happens, with the same weight, you are going to have a flabbier appearance. Your jeans may be tighter around your waist, or your shirt may not fit properly," says the nutritionist.

Loss of bone mineral density can also change our period pattern and cause headaches during PMS. Äll these problems indicate that you need to arrest the loss of your bone mineral density.

"Eat roasted grams for this. Eat local chana. Replace your cupcakes and cookies with chana and have your tea and coffee with them. It will help restore minerals, amino acids (which are basically proteins), fibre and they are good to taste. If during work from home your sugar cravings have gone through the roof, or after having lunch or dinner you feel like having sweet which never happened earlier, then in this chana, you can add a bit of jaggery and chew them properly for restoring your bone mineral density losses," adds Diwekar.

Food No. 3: Ghee

Helps improve satiety and melt stubborn fat

Many of us do not know when to stop eating during work from home as our body has stopped giving signals of satiety. "Ghee has short chain fatty acids. It also helps with stubborn fat and acts as a prebiotic. Besides, ghee helps bring back satiety signal. A teaspoon with breakfast, with lunch and with dinner is recommended," concludes Diwekar.

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