Malaika Arora's yoga pose will burn those extra post-Diwali calories, read all about it here

  • Want to burn those extra Diwali calories? Malaika Arora suggests practising yoga's Paschimottanasana with a brick in her latest post. Read about the steps and benefits of the pose here.
Malaika Arora's yoga pose will burn those extra post-Diwali calories, read all about it here
Malaika Arora's yoga pose will burn those extra post-Diwali calories, read all about it here
Published on Nov 08, 2021 12:59 PM IST
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ByKrishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora is back with a new Monday motivation post for her followers. This time she has come up with a yoga exercise that will help you burn those extra Diwali calories. The 46-year-old star stays fit by including yoga in her daily workout routine and motivates her followers to do the same. Her post-Diwali exercise will also push you to take out your yoga mat and hit the grind.

Malaika, who is dating Arjun Kapoor, took to Instagram on Monday, November 8, to share an easy and beneficial post-Diwali yoga asana to help burn the calories. It is called Paschimottanasana with a brick. She asked her followers to practise the asana five times and listed a few benefits of the pose.

The festival of Diwali is all about binging in on sweet dishes and mouth-watering snacks. But that also means gaining a few extra calories. If you are guilty about indulging yourself during Diwali, then don't. Yoga's Paschimottanasana will easily help you get healthy and fit.

Take a look at the pose:

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"Hope you all enjoyed the festive weekend to the fullest and spend time with friends and family. A festival of lights, love, happiness and so many delicacies to binge on. This week's #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek will help you burn those extra Diwali calories - Paschimottanasana with a brick, which is also known as Seated Forward Bend," Malaika captioned her post.

Talking about the benefits of Paschimottanasana, Malaika wrote, "This pose is great for your core strength, stimulating digestion, and strengthening the back. It will also help you reduce anxiety and feel relaxed. Using a brick will level up the pose, making it more effective."

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Steps to do Paschimottanasana: 

If you wish to practise this pose at home, here is the step-by-step process, as suggested by Malaika Arora. "How to do it:

1) Place the brick on the lower side of your feet and sit in Dandasana with your spine straight.

2) Breathe in and raise your arms straight over your head, reaching toward the ceiling.

3) Breathe out and bend forward trying to reach the brick with spine straight.

4) Now, hold the brick or your toes. Try to be in this pose for as long as possible.

5) Whenever you are ready, inhale and come up with your hands raising above your head.

6) Exhale and bring your arms down.

7) Repeat this for 5 times," Malaika wrote in the caption.

So, are you ready to shed those extra calories?

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