A still from Kodaikanal Won’t
A still from Kodaikanal Won’t

5 new-age protest music tracks to check out

Not just rap, even EDM is being used to spread political awareness
Hindustan Times | By Manali Shah, Mumbai
UPDATED ON DEC 28, 2016 01:34 PM IST

1) Mere Saamne Wali Sarhad Pe

Released as part of Aisi Taisi Democracy, and sung by Indian Ocean’s Rahul Ram, the song is about India and Pakistan’s uneasy relationship despite the similarities.

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2) Yeh Ladai by MojoJojo

Fancy an EDM mix of Umar Khalid’s speech at JNU? It exists on the world wide web.

3) Azaadi by Dub Sharma

slogans raised by Kanhaiya Kumar at JNU? That too.

4) Welcome to Hotel JNU

This parody of The Eagle’s Hotel California will have JNU supporters and dissenters alike laughing out loud.

5) Kokaikanal Won’t by Sofia Ashraf

Rapper Sofia Ashraf highlighted the mercury pollution caused by Hindustan Unilever’s factory in Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

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