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Rules confusion: It took admin two days to seal a tower after case is detected

By Vinod Rajput, Noida
PUBLISHED ON MAY 28, 2020 11:40 PM IST

The Gautam Budh Nagar district administration took two days to seal a residential tower, from where a Covid-19 case was reported on May 25. Residents questioned why the administration took two days to act and said it was the patient’s family who informed neighbours about the positive case.

The positive patient is a resident of Amrapali Silicon City in Sector 76, a housing society that has 21 residential towers and at least 2,000 families living in them.

“On May 25, we got to know that one resident, who works with a private company, had tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a government hospital in the district. The family of the patient shared the news with us. But we were taken aback that the administration had not promptly sealed the tower or put up a notice informing people about the positive case. In earlier cases, the administration was sealing the premises right after a person was found positive,” Amita Singh, a resident of Silicon City, said.

Residents said in two days, many who were not aware of the Covid-19 case, kept using the common space in the society.

“Sealing a building promptly helps in preventing the spread of the infection. But if it is delayed, then it defeats the purpose,” Vimal Kumar, another resident, said.

Silicon City Social Welfare Association (SCSWA) said that they have sanitized the common spaces such as lifts, and gallery.

“The administration has deployed a police contingent and other workers to ensure protocols are followed at the tower. The staff deployed at the tower informed us that they sealed the tower as and when they got the orders,” Naveen Mishra, president, SCSWA, said.

Noida city magistrate Uma Shankar Singh said it takes time to seal a building. “There was a discussion on whether we should seal just the tower or the entire society. Later, it was decided that only the tower will be sealed and arriving at that decision took time,” Singh said.

District magistrate Suhas LY said, “According to the new containment zone provisions, we only seal the tower if it is a lone case, and an area in a 500m radius if there are more than one case. So it takes time to start the sealing process,” he said.

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