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Can Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Pump Hard Enough To Reach 2021 Levels? Why Analysts Say Retik Finance (RETIK) Is A Better Investment Than DOGE And SHIB

Can Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Pump Hard Enough To Reach 2021 Levels? Why Analysts Say Retik Finance (RETIK) Is A Better Investment Than DOGE And SHIB

HT Image
Published on Mar 14, 2024 11:23 AM IST

Feb 2024 warmest on record with avg temp 1.77 deg C above pre-industrial period: EU climate agency

Feb 2024 warmest on record with avg temp 1.77 deg C above pre-industrial period: EU climate agency

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Published on Mar 07, 2024 09:34 AM IST

IPCC to deliver ‘synthesis’ report only by end of 2029

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected to deliver three special subject reports by the end of 2027, but the final synthesis report will only be produced by the end of 2029.

An abandoned canoe lies on the cracked ground at the Sau reservoir, which is only at 5 percent of its capacity, in Vilanova de Sau, about 100 km north of Barcelona, Spain, Monday, Jan. 22, 2024. (AP)
Updated on Feb 09, 2024 05:44 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

India believes access to energy is a right for all citizens: Bhupender Yadav

The minister said that India has added around 100 GW of installed electric capacity, of which around 80% is from non-fossil-fuel based resources

The minister said that India has already met two of its 2015 climate goals. (Bhupender Yadav | Official X account)
Published on Feb 08, 2024 09:36 AM IST

John Kerry leaves White House to propel Joe Biden's 2024 re-election campaign

John Kerry, climate envoy and key architect of the Paris Climate Deal, makes a move from the Biden administration to boost the president's chance in 2024' bid.

FILE - John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate is stepping down from the Biden administration in the coming weeks, according to two people familiar with his plans. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili, File)(AP)
Published on Jan 14, 2024 07:08 AM IST

Assessment of the G20 members’ long-term strategies

This article is authored by Vaibhav Chaturvedi and others, CEEW.

Pushing the agenda of digital public infrastructure and financial inclusion in the G20 was a way to showcase India’s finest innovation of the century on the global stage. (PTI)
Published on Jan 08, 2024 07:52 PM IST
ByHindustan Times

Adaptation goals agreed upon in Dubai are insufficient

A paradigm shift in the climate regime is needed for adaptation. There is a need to peg vulnerability from being viewed in terms of the country.

A man walks past a COP28 sign at the venue of the United Nations climate summit in Dubai on November 30, 2023. The UN climate conference opens in Dubai on November 30 with nations under pressure to increase the urgency of action on global warming and wean off fossil fuels, amid intense scrutiny of oil-rich hosts UAE. (AFP)
Published on Jan 02, 2024 09:59 PM IST

Delhi’s climate leadership can steer mitigation efforts

India’s leadership inspires transformative change, offering hope for a world where every nation thrives in harmony with nature.

The loss and damage fund’s inception during COP28 represents a crucial milestone in addressing the unequal impacts of the climate crisis. (AP)
Published on Dec 25, 2023 10:16 PM IST

COP21 was a game-changer for clean energy, COP28 shows the path ahead

Analyses project a peak in global demand for fossil fuels — what lies ahead is a turning point for the global energy system, writes Tim Gould of the IEA

Delegates walk at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 8, 2023. (REUTERS)
Published on Dec 21, 2023 03:57 PM IST

5 reasons to be hopeful about the climate

From cheap renewables to electric cars and success in courtroom, experts highlight the trends providing grounds for optimism in the face of the climate crisis.

The Fridays for Future demonstrations and other climate movements have helped raise the issue of climate change in the public consciousness, even if not everyone agrees. (Gero Rueter/DW)
Updated on Dec 20, 2023 10:30 AM IST
By, New Delhi

‘Tax oil cos’ profit, leisure travel to fund climate fight’

Taxes on oil and gas profits could fund climate initiatives, says expert group

People walk at Dubai's Expo City during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai on Monday. (REUTERS)
Updated on Dec 05, 2023 01:08 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

‘Building blocks’ of first COP28 Global Stocktake draft released

The first draft text of the Global Stocktake (GST) was released on Thursday with “textual building blocks” of what may be the final GST reflected in the Dubai agreement that is expected to come out by December 12 or 13.

Participating world leaders and delegates pose for a family photo during the COP28 United Nations climate summit in Dubai on December 1, 2023. (AFP)
Updated on Dec 02, 2023 05:26 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

Dubai climate conference ‘COP28’ this week; over 200 countries invited. Details

COP28 will take place from November 28 to December 12 in Dubai under the presidency of the UAE.

The COP28 summit is being hosted by the UAE. (CREDIT: Reuters)
Published on Nov 27, 2023 01:03 PM IST

Oil and gas demand to peak by 2030: IEA

In a pathway to reaching net zero emissions by mid-century, necessary for keeping 1.5 degrees C within reach, oil and gas use would need to decline by more than 75% by 2050, the International Energy Agency said

The Atyrau Oil Refinery owned by Kazakhstan's state energy company KazMunayGas in the city of Atyrau, Kazakhstan. (REUTERS)
Published on Nov 23, 2023 10:57 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

What do top emitters want from the global stocktake at Cop28?

Over the past few months parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change have submitted their opinion and wishlist and what they would like to see in GST.

HT Image
Updated on Nov 23, 2023 05:20 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi, New Delhi

Earth temporarily breached 2°C threshold this month, scientists express concerns

While the breach is temporary, it is expected that 2023 will be the warmest year on record due to record levels of greenhouse gas concentrations and the El Nino

The data for November 17 and November 18 is from the ERA5 reanalysis dataset of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) run by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). (Rep image)
Updated on Nov 21, 2023 04:44 AM IST
By, Jayashree Nandi, New Delhi

Efforts insufficient to attain Paris agreement goals: UN

The report flagged that global efforts to lower emissions are insufficient to meet Paris goals

If the latest NDCs are implemented, emissions will increase by about 8.8% by 2030, compared to 2010 levels. This is a marginal improvement over last year’s assessment, which found countries were on a path to increase emissions 10.6% by 2030, compared to 2010 levels (REUTERS)
Updated on Nov 15, 2023 06:40 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

World failing to get a grip on the climate crisis, says UN chief on new report

The NDC Synthesis report reveals that global emissions will peak this decade; by 2030 emissions are projected to be 2% below 2019 levels

FILE The world is off track in its efforts to curb global warming, a new international report calculates (AP)
Published on Nov 14, 2023 07:54 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

COP28 tasked with finding consensus on first global stocktake to meet Paris goals

India has underlined that equity, fair share of the global carbon budget, and obligations of developed country parties to provide finance for transition and technology transfer will be critical to address in the global stocktake

The United Arab Emirates holds the presidency of the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Published on Nov 12, 2023 02:34 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Govts set to increase fossil fuel production leading to breach of Paris goals: Report

Governments are planning to produce 110% more fossil fuels in 2030 than is consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C, according to a report. The production increase of 69% by 2030 is also in conflict with the Paris Agreement goals. The report calls on governments to reduce coal, oil, and gas production in line with limiting warming to 1.5°C. The report assessed the fossil fuel production policies of 20 major producer countries, which account for 82% of global production and 73% of consumption.

Govts set to increase fossil fuel production leading to breach of Paris goals: Report
Updated on Nov 08, 2023 10:53 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

As developed nations trail, India a beacon of hope on climate change

In a unique initiative, India launched the LiFE movement (Lifestyle for Environment) — a people-centric programme to combat climate change by promoting a healthy, consumption and sustainable lifestyle using a circular economy approach

The latest statistics are unanimous that no developed country in G20 is on course to meet their 2030 Paris commitments on mitigation (AP Photo)
Published on Oct 28, 2023 01:37 PM IST

Rich countries off track on climate action, says report

Only Norway and Belarus among developed countries are on track to achieve their climate goals for this decade, according to a report by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water. The report found that developed countries are expected to collectively emit an additional 3.7 gigatonnes of CO2 in 2030, representing a 38% overshoot of their reduction targets. The US, EU, and Russia are responsible for 83% of this emissions gap. The report highlights the implications of this for developing countries, which need sufficient carbon space to address their development challenges.

Rich and developed nations must speed up their action on tackling climate change. (Shutterstock/Representative image)
Updated on Oct 26, 2023 06:35 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Cause and Effect | A climate crisis glossary to keep handy

In the weeks leading up to COP28, which begins November 30, here are the terms to acquaint yourself with

FILE PHOTO: 'Cop28 UAE' logo is displayed on the screen during the opening ceremony of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) under the theme of 'United on Climate Action Toward COP28', in Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 16, 2023. REUTERS/Rula Rouhana/File Photo(REUTERS)
Published on Oct 12, 2023 02:04 PM IST
ByTannu Jain

2023: The year that broke climate records

A month-wise examination between January and September indicates that the tipping point is well and truly here.

June, July, August and September were the four warmest months on record.(Rahul Raut/HT file photo)
Published on Oct 12, 2023 02:04 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

World could breach dire 1.5° C threshold, say experts

A temporary breach is not the same as breaching the 1.5°C climate goal because the Paris Agreement refers to long-term warming over many years.

Experts say the world may breach the 1.5 degrees C warming threshold in the coming years. (HT Archive)
Updated on Oct 11, 2023 04:48 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

Exclusive: Hearing of climate crisis petition of six youngsters begins

Prompted by the wildfires that ravaged Portugal in 2017, six Portuguese youths have challenged the actions of 32 European nations seeking climate justice

 European Court of Human Rights(CherryX / Wikimedia Commons)
Updated on Sep 27, 2023 02:03 PM IST

4th G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group Meeting begins in Varanasi

The key highlight of the 4th SFWG meeting will be reflections and sharing of experiences by G20 members on the progress made in the implementation of the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap

The two-day meeting will bring together over 80 delegates from G20 member countries (Twitter/@airnewsalerts)
Updated on Sep 13, 2023 01:27 PM IST

Importance of decarbonising Indian road logistics

This article is authored by Anand Mimani, CEO, GreenLine Mobility Solutions Limited.

Road across a city (HT FILE)
Published on Sep 12, 2023 04:41 PM IST
ByHindustan Times

G20 Summit: How the Delhi Declaration feeds into COP28

The declaration emphasises the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and different national circumstances

To be sure, the declaration doesn’t mean G20 members will have to adopt these positions in the climate talks. (PTI)
Updated on Sep 11, 2023 12:33 AM IST
ByJayashree Nandi

G20 commits to achieving net zero emissions by mid-century

In a consensus declaration adopted after the resolution of differences over the wording related to Ukraine, the bloc said the global implementation to addressing climate change remains insufficient

World Leaders and officials at the G20 Summit. (Twitter)
Published on Sep 09, 2023 05:31 PM IST
ByJayashree Nandi
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