Vishal did not want to engage in the fight but contestants prodded him to save Madhurima.
Vishal did not want to engage in the fight but contestants prodded him to save Madhurima.

Big Boss 13 day 64 written update episode 64 December 9: Vishal stages fight with Madhurima to save her but Mahira gets safety from nomination

Big Boss 13 day 64 written update episode 64 December 9: Check out the top highlights of Monday’s episode.
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With new entries Madhurima and Vikas and old contestants Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra being sent to the secret room, Bigg Boss 13 turned spicier on Monday’s episode.

Here are the top highlights of tonight’s episode:

The episode began with Bigg Boss announcing that Sidharth would have to step out of the house to take proper treatment and undergo a few tests. Shehnaz Gill and Arti Singh began crying as they bid goodbye to Sidharth. Arti also said as she cried, “Jaldi ana please.(Come back soon)” After he left, Shehnaaz and Mahira sat together, discussing Paras and Sidharth.

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Sidharth was then shifted to a secret room where Paras joined him soon. When Sidharth informed Paras that Vikas Gupta has entered the show, Paras claimed he was not on good terms with Vikas and there was a cold war between them.

Arhaan then told Shefali that Rashami was broken when he met her and added that he brought her to the current situation where she is now. Sidharth and Paras had a good laugh over Arhaan claims.

Contestants were then asked to nominat co-contestants for eviction. Vikas named Arhaan and Hindustani Bhau. Arhaan nominated Mahira and Shehnaaz while Vishal named Shehnaaz and Mahira. Madhurima nominated Shehnaaz and Mahira and Arti named Bhau and Shehnaaz. Mahira names Bhau and Madhurima while Bhau named Shehnaaz and Mahira. On one hand, Rashami named Mahira and Shehnaaz, Asim nominated Shefali Bagga and Mahira on the other hand. Bagga named Arti and Mahira. Shehnaaz nominated Bhau and Madhurima. Bigg Boss announced Sidharth, Madhurima, Bhau, Shehnaaz and Mahira as nominated for the week.

Soon after the nomination, Arti went upto Shehnaaz and told her that she nominated her. Arhaan was seen advising Madhurima to open up and Shefali Jariwala asked Mahira to change if she realised anything wrong in her own attitude.

Later, Rashami was seen confessing her love for Arhaan, “I don’t love you as much as you do but I love you. I am wild and very few can handle me the way you do.”

As the contestants wondered over Vishal and Madhurima’s chemistry, the former couple had a disagreement. The conversation turned into an argument and Madhurima walked out on him.

Later Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to the nominated contestants to save themselves with a task. Bigg Boss announced that the four nominated contestants had to grab maximum footage and be the highlight of the house for the next one hour. The housemates were informed that the task will be live for the viewers but in reality Sidharth and Paras were the viewers of the task and had the power to save one. Vishal and Madhurima staged a fight for the task. She dragged the fight and got personal and the two snap at each other and blame each other for their broken relationship. This hurt Vishal deeply and he broke down into tears.

While Shehnaaz went upto Rashami and tried to clarify misunderstandings with her, Bhau made no effort to be seen. On the other hand, Mahira kept crying and complaining that no one would talk to her.

Sidharth and Paras decided to save Mahira after the task. When Bigg Boss announced the same, Mahira hugged Shefali Jariwala, Shehnaaz .

Vikas tried his best to make Vishal and Madhurima be friends and Madhurima realised she crossed the line and she apologised. They agreed to begin on a new note and enjoy their journey in the house without any fights.

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