Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan on Koffee With Karan.(Hotstar)
Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan on Koffee With Karan.(Hotstar)

Koffee With Karan 6: Katrina Kaif reveals equation with Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan says he wants to marry Natasha Dalal

Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan were two talkative guests on Koffee With Karan Season 6, episode 4. Here’s all that happened in the episode.
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UPDATED ON NOV 12, 2018 09:37 AM IST

Sunday’s episode of Koffee With Karan was all about Katrina Kaif not letting anyone else speak and Varun Dhawan’s refusal to sit on his assigned seat. Host Karan Johar appeared to find it hard to control his two guests, specially Katrina.

The episode began with an introduction from Katrina and Varun for Karan. The host arrived on stage after a rap from Varun saying that the filmmaker should focus on spending more time with his kids and let the new generation take the reins of Bollywood.

Soon as he took his seat, Karan launched an awkward question at his guests. Considering Katrina is single right now since her split with actor Ranbir Kapoor, Karan asked her why she doesn’t date Varun. Katrina let out an awkward noise, exclaiming how the idea was out of question.

She then launched into a long anecdote about how Varun and Arjun Kapoor were a part of the two-member I Hate Katrina club when they were working on Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. She thought they founded the club out of spite for her as she didn’t give them any attention but Varun gave her the real reason that she said left her ‘hurt and upset’.

Varun said that actor Salman Khan, Katrina’s ex, would always take the boys on treks or swimming until Katrina arrived on set and stole all the attention from them. Katrina realised the boys were eyeing for Salman’s attention and not her’s.

The host then asked Varun about his relationship status with his longtime rumoured girlfriend, Natasha Dalal. Varun gave Karan the permission to talk about his meetings with Natasha and also blushingly confirmed that the two were indeed in a relationship. When asked if he plans to marry her someday, Varun said he does.

Karan asked Katrina about her equation with Ranbir’s girlfriend Alia Bhatt and his ex Deepika Padukone. Katrina said that she has individual relationships with each of them, irrespective of what is happening with others. “It isn’t tough for me to keep a good equation with Alia. Everyone needs to judge for themselves what’s best for them and how they want to handle their equations and their relationships. My equations with Alia is independent. My equation with Ranbir is independent and same with Deepika. I have individual relationships with all. We are not everyday phone conversation buddies, but I like who she (Alia) is. There is a certain enjoyment of each other’s company and a certain comfort and fun element that we have when we are together and it was a decision that I made. I respect and I value that relationship and it shouldn’t change for anything,” she said.

Varun also gave his opinion on the matter with the mantra: “With all respect to everyone, screw everyone”. He said that people don’t care about their exes once they find someone else so you are always on your own.

Karan then showed a clip from Salman, in which he gave Varun a few tips for working with Katrina. He advised him to avoid talking to her about filmmaking, health related issues and expect to work hard and take several takes for dance numbers that she has already perfected.

Another sweet video message from his parents made Varun emotional. While his mom revealed funny stories from his childhood, dad David Dhawan said he was proud of his son and he could not have asked for a better one. Varun said there are only two things that make him emotional. One is when his parents feel proud of him and another is when he watches his brother play with his daughter.

Varun gave some good answers to his rapid fire questions. Varun said that he would not switch his career with either Ranveer Sing or Ranbir Kapoor as while they have had failures in their career, Varun has had none. When asked to choose between sex and giving a successful movie, Varun said “ A big hit is like the best orgasm.” The one line that can make him fall out of love with anyone: “Let’s have vegetarian tonight.” He said if Ranbir ever called him late at night, it would be about a party and if Alia called him too, it would again be about the same party. Katrina let out a big laugh on his reply. He couldn’t decide the better actor between Alia and Anushka Sharma but chose Rajkummar Rao as the one new-age actor to watch out for.

Katrina was asked about the things she loves, hate and tolerate about Salman Khan. “I love his loyalty...hate some of his opinions and tolerate his tardiness,” she said. When asked the same question about Alia, Katrina said she loved her free spirit, hated that she doesn’t put in a lot of work into her work but still delivers good performances and she tolerates that she doesn’t put in too much work at the gym either but is able to look good regardless. Katrina revealed that she can never get the airport look right and has given up on it. Karan said “Why you don’t wanna wear a saree with big glasses and walk out?,” possibly throwing shade at Kangana Ranaut.

When asked to pick between Deepika or Anushka, she chose the latter as she is her good friend. She chose Salman when asked to choose between him, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar. She said she liked Rajkummar Rao as an actor but wants to work with Vicky Kaushal because she thinks they would look good together.

Varun ended up winning the hamper for his quick and quirky answers. He also won the Koffee game that required them to weigh things and call up their friends to get them to say “Hey Karan, it’s me.”

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