Neil Patrick Harris' 10 Barney-isms to get you through life

Happy birthday Neil Patrick Harris! Barney's best quotes here. Psst! We have gifs.

tv Updated: Jun 15, 2015 15:13 IST
Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava
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Happy birthday Neil Patrick Harris -- the man who made Barney Stinson, chain-womaniser and motor mouth, the world's best known wingman. Join us as we try to list the 10 most memorable quotes of the man from How I Met Your Mother. It's going to be legend *wait for it* DARY.

1. If your friends are being party poopers, it is your duty to get 'em straightened

"Ted, look our forefathers died for the pursuit of happiness. Not the "sit-around-and-wait" of happiness! Now if you want, you can go to the same bar, drink the same beer, talk to the same people every day, *or*, you can *lick* the Liberty Bell! You can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it!"

2. Just accept it, you are a lazy bone. But that's okay… a little bit of procrastination never hurt anybody

"The first time I rode in a limo I was five. I was on the way to my grandfather's funeral. I suppose, in a way, I still am."

3. Don't let your friends put you on the backseat. NEVER

Barney: Question one -- Ted, do you want to move in with Robin?

Ted: Yes.

Barney: Wrong! The answer is, 'No, I secretly want to stay single and spend time with my awesome friend Barney.'

4. They might also need an extra shove from time to time. But only a shove, make sure their heads are still in the right place

"Okay, pep talk! You can do this, but to be more accurate, you probably can't. You're way out of practice and she's way too hot for you. So, remember, it's not about scoring. It's about believing you can do it, even though you probably can't. Go get 'em, tiger!"

5. Never shy away from showing off the intellectual side of you

"Jesus waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect! If he had only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn't have even heard he died. They'd be all, "Hey Jesus, what up?" and Jesus would probably be like, "What's up? I died yesterday!" and they'd be all, "Uh, you look pretty alive to me, dude…" and then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected, and how it was a miracle, and the dude'd be like "Uhh okay, whatever you say, bro…" And he's not gonna come back on a Saturday. Everybody's busy, doing chores, workin' the loom, trimmin' the beard, NO. He waited the perfect number of days, three. Plus it's Sunday, so everyone's in church already, and they're all in there like "Oh no, Jesus is dead", and then BAM! He bursts in the back door, runnin' up the aisle, everyone's totally psyched, and FYI, that's when he invented the high five. That's why we wait three days to call a woman, because that's how long Jesus wants us to wait… True story."

5. Of course, being in the good books of God is also necessary

"God, it's me, Barney. What up? I know we don't talk much, but I know a lot of girls call out your name because of me."

6. This gem

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

7. Never forget how important friends are in life

"Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it."

8. Appreciate the woman in your life. Let her know what you like most about her

"So many great things about this girl -- her b**bs, her rack, her chest."

9. Can I get an amen on this

"You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever."

10. And lastly, be a little selfish. Do something just for yourself

"Barney Stinson has to do what's right for Barney Stinson's penis."

First Published: Jun 15, 2015 14:36 IST