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Not easy being a public figure: Rashami Desai

In the last interview of our 10 -part -series we speak to TV actor Rashami Desai about her journey in the industry so far...

tv Updated: Jun 13, 2016 19:43 IST
Anjuri Nayar Singh
Anjuri Nayar Singh
Hindustan Times
Rashami Desai,Uttaran,Raavan
In the last interview of out 10 part series we talk to TV actor Rashami Desai about her journey in the industry so far.

Even though she’s a popular face on television and has a huge fan following, Rashami Desai says being a public figure is not easy. However she does her best.

“As an actor, you need to smile all the time, which is not easy. It’s my responsibility to not misbehave as people might try to emulate me. I’m very conscious of what I wear, and what I say. I know that if I go out, there will be 10 people who will notice me from head to toe,” she says, adding, “My career has had different stages. When you are a nobody, you want people to recognise you and your work. Then after a while, people start acknowledging you. If they like you, they will take pictures with you and all. That gives you quite a boost and you continue to do your best. But agar aap thode se mote ho jao or you are not looking great or whatever you are wearing is that looking nice, they say bad stuff about you. You need to deal with that as well.”

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Rashami also talks about the key to a show’s success. Although television shows are known to go on for years together, there have been many which have ended within a few months recently. She says that it’s important to have a strong storyline for a show, as that is what assures a good TRP rating. “If your screenplay and story line is weak, actors don’t really have much of a choice. The story is very important and along with this, we should have strong characters,” she says, adding that TRPs are unpredictable but essential.

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“In this competitive world, everyone wants to give their best. It’s not as if a new show will always work. Maybe your audience expects something else from you. I have been lucky that way. My fans have seen me portraying romantic characters as well as dark characters and have accepted both,” she adds.

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With the changing mindset of the audience, Rashami says that finite shows come as a breather. “The stories are very crisp, which is what makes people watch these shows. Plus lots of times, the timelines get extended because the show does well, which always feels great. Small series have a great impact on the audience,” says Rashami, who has been seen in shows such as Uttaran and Raavan.

Although playing the same character for months together can get boring, Rashami says it depends on the actor to keep it interesting. “Not only for actors, but daily life can get monotonous for everyone. It all depends on an actor as how he or she changes his character. This adds flavour to your character. In the television industry, we all love to experiment, and this is the way to do that,” she says.


I think I have a long way to go where success is concerned. I want to try out so many new things and I think i still need to learn so much. Professionally, I still have a long wish list.

Support system...

My family, especially my mother is my biggest strength. She has helped me through so much in life. She has always had so much confidence in me, which has helped me get through so much in life.

Rashami Desai with her mother.


I start my day at 5:30 am after sleeping at 2 am in the morning. So, I sleep during my lunch time everyday. Also, people think of me as a very serious person, but I am not like that in life. In reality, I laugh a lot. In fact, if someone cries in front of me, I cant help myself and I often start laughing.

Advice to newcomers...

I am no one to give advice and situations change everyday in this industry. But I feel that it’s important for them to be patient. We have so many talented newcomers who haven’t got the right break as yet. This is because they are impulsive.