A screenshot of HT’s Wednesday edition.
A screenshot of HT’s Wednesday edition.

How newspapers across the world reacted to Trump’s triumph

A list of the leading international newspaper front pages of announcing President Trump’s victory.
Hindustan Times | By Sahiba Chawdhary
UPDATED ON NOV 10, 2016 05:32 PM IST

Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. This news shocked the world, making interesting headlines and cover page stories.

Here’s a glimpse how international newspapers broke the news to their countries:

1) Libration, France:

2) The Times of London chose to go with “Trump Surge”, an outsider within reach of the White House.

3) BBC’s Wednesday i-Front page called the news as “Disunited States”.

4) The Guardian commented on America’s wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5) The Telegraph commented on America’s “divide”.

6) Metro, they kept it simple.

7) The New Zealand Herald said it all in two words.

8) Le Journal De Quebec expanded OMG:

9) Mexico City’s daily newspaper said, “Let’s Shake!”

10) NewsBrands Ireland’s newspapers had an interesting take.

11) The Daily Telegraph wished America well.

12) The Daily Mirror asked for answers.

13) The Financial Times stuck to its essentials.

14) UK’s The Independent told the bitter truth.

15) The Times said, “The New World”.

16) City AM:

17) UK’s The Daily Mail dramatized the situation a little too much:

18) UK’s The Sun mocked the news with animated references.

19) Queensland’s Courier-Mail did a historic 20-page wrap on Donald Trump’s victory:

20) Australia’s The Daily Telegraph said it.

21) Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald called it a “revolution”.

22) The West Australian wrote what the world felt.

23) Australia’s The Advertiser said, “Trump Towers.”

24) Brazilian newspaper, O Povo, said, “Trump Surprises and Wins.”

25) Vanguardia, the Mexican paper, called Trump a “threat”.

26) Mexican paper, Periódico Excelsior, ran the headline that translates, “to start trembling”.

27) Het Parool of The Netherlands posted an illustration, worth a thousand words.

28) Spanish newspaper, EL PAÍS:

29) Here’s the Times of India front page.

(A screenshot of Times of India’s Wednesday’s front page. )
(A screenshot of Times of India’s Wednesday’s front page. )

Here’s a curated list of American newspapers as well:

1) The New York Times :

2) The Washington Post:

3) LA Times:

4) The Times Tribune:

5) The Birmingham News:

6) Hartford Courant:

9) The Wall Street Journal:

10) The Arizona Republic:

11) The Kansas Star:

12) The Dallas Morning News:

13) The Orlando Sentinel:

14) USA Today:

15) The Miami Herald:

16) The Denver Post:

And then, Newsuem, a museum dedicated to free expression & the First Amendment, curated shots of Wednesday’s A1 pages highlighting Trump’s victory.

One might say, this election result was recorded well in world history.

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