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Films: A day in the life of Shan Mohammed (the video is loading, may take long. Please bear with us...)

Mar 14, 2008 02:32 IST
about the video

7:00 am: The paperwallah rings the bell; that’s his wake-up call. It also means the death of a dream he has nurtured the previous night. He looks at his blissfully sleeping wife, and finally heads towards the door in a state of trance. 7:30 am: Makes his coffee — hot, strong, black and sweet. The energy drink to go with his daily quota of news. Wife is still in the world he had come out of half an hour ago. 8:30 am: The bell rings again, and in comes the first visitor of the day, the bai. 9:30 am: His wife wakes up. He is done with the papers and ready to take on the world. Three quick actions follow: Shave, sh*t and shower. 10:00 am: He is ready for the most arduous task of the day: travelling to his workplace, which could be in Andheri, Bandra or Khar. He is a freelancer, and work takes him places. Lives in Mahim. 11:00 am: Starts working on a feature or a documentarly, either alone or with the director sitting on his head. 2:00 pm: Takes a break to boost energy levels. Which basically means, either swallowing the lunch provided by the film unit or relishing food from his favourite take-way joints. 2.45 pm: He is back to work, determined to make progress, especially with a difficult scene. 7:30 pm: He is completely exhausted, physically and mentally. Packs up for the day, calls up friends, and sometimes meets them over a cup a coffee or something even stronger. 8:45 pm: The better half calls to inform that she has reached home and asks about dinner plans. He gets the hint: it’s his turn in the kitchen. 10:00 pm: Watch half-a-movie over dinner, usually the worst of the eighties. It’s sleep-inducing. 11:00 pm: Lights off and a slow trek to the dream world.