Balochistan: Pak pained by India's remarks

Pakistan has asked India not to worry about the provincial situation in Balochistan and instead settle its own conflicts.

world Updated: Jan 05, 2006 15:34 IST

Asserting that it would not "entertain outsiders' views" on military operation in Balochistan, Pakistan has asked India not to worry about the provincial situation and instead "settle its own conflicts."

It made it clear that the action against tribals and nationalists who are agitating for autonomy in the province would continue till the "writ" of the government is established there.

At a meeting with corps commanders on Tuesday, President Pervez Musharraf affirmed that "action by paramilitary forces against the miscreants would be taken and writ of the government would be restored where challenged," according to APP said.

Speaking on the same issue, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said in an interview to ARY TV network that Pakistan taking steps for its security is its right and on this "we would not entertain outsiders' views."

"We are disappointed over Indian remarks on Balochistan, which is against diplomatic norms. Government of Pakistan knows how to ensure the safety and prosperity of the people of Balochistan and India need not worry about our provincial situation," Aziz said.

He said India is itself entangled in its internal problems and its statements are tantamount to interference in internal affairs of other countries.

Instead of peeping into others affairs India should settle its own conflicts, he added.

The Indian statement had "pained us," he said, adding, "they should not have done so, as such utterances could mar the atmosphere."

First Published: Jan 05, 2006 15:34 IST