I didn’t know MS Dhoni despite having studied cricket in theory: Jasmin Waldmann
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I didn’t know MS Dhoni despite having studied cricket in theory: Jasmin Waldmann

Life coach-turned-author Jasmin Waldmann talks about her latest book, Change Me, the issues of the modern-day life, and how people can help themselves.

books Updated: Apr 17, 2018 18:04 IST
Nikita Saxena
Nikita Saxena
Hindustan Times
Jasmin Waldmann,Life Coach,Author
Life coach Jasmin Waldmann’s debut novel Change Me weaves self-help tips in fictional format.

Jasmin Waldmann is an international name who has worked with celebrities and top corporates alike. A quick Google search on her would also suggest that she has coached cricketing star MS Dhoni. Well, that’s not true!

Waldmann has had an association with Dhoni, but for a promotional campaign for a sports brand. She reveals that she didn’t know who the man was till she flew down to India. “I didn’t know [Dhoni] despite having studied sports, health and cricket in theory. So when they told me I’d be working with him, I was like, ‘oh, alright’. And then they flew me down; people were screaming his name everywhere and then I was like, ‘OH, ALRIGHT’ (laughs)”.

‘I love stories and I think everyone does, too, so I wanted to write [my self-help book] in that format, instead of just giving instructions’

The life coach is in news now for authoring a self-help book, titled Change Me. She has woven self-help tips into the story of a relatable character. “I love stories and I think everyone does, too, so I wanted to write in that format, instead of just giving instructions,” says Waldmann.

The plot follows 35-year-old investment banker Amit who has a successful career, a loving family and a comfortable life. However, things change after he gets called ‘uncle’ by a young girl, and he loses his friend (he has a heart attack). “His problems are no different from the problems that others have, whether its aging, lethargy, being overweight, disconnected with the family – they’re things readers will relate to,” adds the author.

Currently a Gurugram resident, Waldmann conducts Depression Free group coaching sessions in the Millennium City. Her own life, too, was full of struggles. “I lost my mother and grandmother at the age of 12 and 13 respectively. I immersed myself in sports after but it didn’t help. It was during my studies that I met my life coach, and that really helped me so much that I thought this is exactly what I want to do.”

The plot of Jasmin Waldmann’s self-help book follows 35-year-old investment banker Amit who realises he needs to change his life after two shocking incidents.

Asked what the stress-causing factors are in the modern-day life, her reply is ‘limitless freedom’. “We’re overwhelmed with all the freedom that we think we have. There’s TV, the internet, phone and the so-called friends everywhere — we’re online 24x7. We can order food at 4am; we’re so privileged that we can have it all... And everyone appears happy on social media, you don’t see anyone crying. No one says, ‘You know what, I’m having a bad day’. We aren’t taught how to handle it,” says Waldmann.

In trying to help others, does their stress ever get to her? Waldmann replies in the negative, saying, “I help people in a very positive way. When I let people talk and complain, it becomes negative for them; they don’t feel better, they feel worse, so I lead with questions instead. Also I remain very neutral because I have the responsibility to bring them out of the negative state.”

What’s her advice to people in general? “Everyone is so afraid of themselves, it sounds crazy. Go your way, meet yourself — explore who you really are, and do what you have to,” she signs off.

First Published: Apr 17, 2018 18:03 IST