Students of Delhi University are making engaging reels to raise sponsorships for various events of their college societies.
Students of Delhi University are making engaging reels to raise sponsorships for various events of their college societies.

DU students amp up skills to seek sponsorships creatively in Covid times

Delhi University students have been making reels, memes and videos to lure sponsors for the digital events in their college societies.
By Aprajita Sharad, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON APR 08, 2021 02:33 PM IST

Gone are the days when students of Delhi University approached potential sponsors, for various college and department fests, in a suited and booted avatar with documents in their hands to prove their credentials in the past. This is Gen Z, and they communicate with the world via the language of social media, which includes memes, reels and Insta stories! And when on a mission to get sponsorship for their department or college, nothing, not even Covid can stop them from coming up with innovative ideas to make the deal.

Take for instance the fashionistas of the campus, who are doubly happy to star in reels asking for sponsorships as they have another chance of showing their #OOTD. “Asking for sponsorship while sitting at home isn’t easy. You have to quickly catch a brands attention and for that you have to be trend setting and different. This is why we chose to make reels and stand out from the usual way of requesting for sponsorships!” says Roshni Kapoor, president of Debonair, fashion society of Daulat Ram College, adding, “My teammates made a hilarious reel requesting for sponsorship for Promenade, the annual event of our fashion society. There were many bloopers and hilarious cuts while making it, and they all had fun.”

And if you thought that the fun and games in offline campus is limited to lit sponsorship requests, check out the equally hilarious meme appeals from students approaching sponsors. “I’ve a meme page and been approached by so many societies of DU requesting for media partnerships. The trend of sponsorship is clearly changing. Everyone wants to be sponsored and partnered by fun pages that have relatable content and genuine traction. Some societies and departments are pretty creative, and they approach their media partner and sponsors with proposals in reel or meme format. This in fact attracts the target sponsor and media partner in a better way,” says Sahil Raj, admin of a meme page that has sponsored DU societies.

Confirming the shift in creative meme and reel proposals for media partnerships, admin of a campus meme page, _dumemes, Vinit Mehta from Hansraj College, opines, “It’s a brilliant concept to ask for sponsorship via fun reels and memes. As a media partner and a meme page in charge, I would certainly be excited to see creative sponsorship proposals rather than the drab ones. I recently came across a reel of two students enacting an entire skit in North Campus and asking for potential sponsors to contact them. So with the shift in digital campus, where society presidents can’t possibly go out and visit offices of potential sponsors, it’s best to get creative with social media tools that are handy! And what can be more eye grabbing today than a viral reel?”

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