Congress president Kharge will be blamed for INDIA bloc’s loss, not ‘bhai-behan’, says Amit Shah - Hindustan Times

Congress president Kharge will be blamed for INDIA bloc’s loss, not ‘bhai-behan’, says Amit Shah

May 28, 2024 04:13 AM IST

Addressing a rally in Kushinagar, Amit Shah said that if the opposition comes to power, they will put a ‘Babri’ lock on Ram Mandir and restore Article 370.

Union home minister Amit Shah said on Monday that Congress was set to hurtle to yet another defeat in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls and added that Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge was set to lose his job after being blamed for the loss.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah greets people during a public meeting for the Lok Sabha polls, in Kushinagar on Monday. (ANI)
Union Home Minister Amit Shah greets people during a public meeting for the Lok Sabha polls, in Kushinagar on Monday. (ANI)

“I have information that BJP is set to win 310 seats in five phases and the sixth phase is over too. With just one last phase remaining, your push will help us cross 400 seats on June 4 and the same day Rahul Baba and his people will hold press conferences blaming EVMs for their defeat. Why hold machines responsible for this as Rahul Baba your party won’t even cross 40 seats while Akhilesh ji, at best, you won’t even cross 4 seats,” he said.

“The country has decided that Narendra Modi would be the prime minister yet again. He will be the PM again and again. And Kharge sahab, you must know that the brother and sister won’t be blamed for the defeat. Rather, Kharge sahab will be blamed for the loss and will lose his job,” Shah said while addressing a rally in Kushinagar. He also addressed two other rallies in Salempur and Chandauli, all due for polls in the seventh and final phase on June 1.

“This contest is among Narendra Modi, born in a most poor family and who is taking the country forward vs the two ‘shehzade’ Rahul Baba (Congress leader Rahul Gandhi) and Akhilesh ji (SP chief Akhilesh Yadav) who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and don’t know the problems poverty-stricken people of east UP face daily. Tell me can these two find a solution to the problems of east UP?” he asked.

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“On one side, there is Narendra Modi, who has been holding public office—first as chief minister and now as prime minister—and in those 23 years, he hasn’t even been accused of corruption amounting to 25 paise. On the other side, these ‘shehzade’ are guilty of 12 lakh crore in corruption,” he said.

“These ‘shehzade’ don’t find the country’s weather conducive. That is why Rahul Baba leaves for Bangkok, Thailand every six months and takes leave. The heat of Purvanchal is unbearable for them. On the other hand, there is Narendra Modi, who hasn’t taken a single leave in these 23 years that he has been in office and has spent Diwali sharing sweets with our soldiers. The people of Purvanchal must decide between the two,” he said.

Shah slams previous governments for sugar mills closure

“Today I want to ask Behen Mayawati ji and Akhilesh why Kushinagar, once famous as the sugar bowl, saw five to six sugar mills close during their tenure. Under Yogi Adityanath’s government 20 sugar mills were revived.

Between 1995 to 2017 the SP-BSP governments cleared sugarcane dues of only 23,000 crore while between 2017 to 2024, the Yogi Adityanath government cleared dues of a whopping 2 lakh fifty thousand crore. Before Modi ji introduced ethanol policy, Uttar Pradesh produced 42 crore liters of ethanol and after policy introduction the production has gone up to 156 crore liters.


“Now Akhilesh Babu is talking about the issue of the Sahara Refund Portal. People of Kushinagar, tell me, during whose tenure did the 85,000 crore Sahara scam happen? Who allowed people to be looted?” Shah asked.

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“Akhilesh Babu, you allowed the Sahara loot to happen, while Narendra Modi has started the process of refund. I am telling all Sahara investors that the refund process for all three cooperatives has begun, and there are three private limited companies whose cases are in the Supreme Court. We will ensure that all 3.5 crore investors get back every penny of the 85,000 crore they invested. This is our guarantee,” he said to applause.

“Till such a time there is Narendra Modi ji, no one can dare touch OBC reservation and till there is even one BJP MP, religious reservation won’t be allowed,” he said.

‘INDIA bloc will put Babri lock on Ram Mandir’

“It’s Modi-Modi everywhere, but if the opposition wins, they would restore Article 370 in the first year itself, bring back the practice of triple talaq in the second year, lift the ban on PFI in the third year, start talks with terrorists in the fourth year, and in the fifth year, they would put a Babri lock on the Ram Mandir. Should they be allowed to come to power? Don’t forget, it was the SP government that ordered firing on Ram sevaks. This election is between those who ordered firing on kar sevaks and those who built the Ram Mandir,” he said, then asked if people wanted such parties in power who have promised “PM by rotation.”

Shah also said that BJP was committed to reclaiming the Pak-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and also praised UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath for restoring law and order in UP.

“In 2017 you helped form a BJP government, the BJP made Yogi Adityanath the chief minister and Yogi ji ensured that criminals were hung upside down to bring the law and order on track. We have now moved from one district one mafia policy of opposition to ODOP policy that also provides for employment,” he said.

In Salempur, the union home minister said that the BJP government had prepared a 270 crore plan for a permanent solution to the menace of flooding and the consequent ‘kataan (land erosion)’ due to persistent floods that disrupt life in the region.

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