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Almost there

HT Horizons campus journalists (CJs) say goodbye to the idle days of summer as college life beckons and a new chapter begins

education Updated: Jul 20, 2011 10:50 IST
Hindustan Times

Aditya Srivastava
Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh

Wake up, eat, play video games, sleep, eat, play video games, eat and then sleep again — that’s my daily routine these days. But luckily this is going to change in a few days because colleges are set to open and this lethargic routine is going to end for good. The bad thing is that we won’t be as free as we’ve been. We’ll get tied up and there won’t be the frequent spontaneous plans to meet up with friends anymore, nor sleeping as much as we desire. College life is indeed going to be wonderful but I’m sure a lot of us are going to miss these few months of utter idleness. Students are all ready to set out on a whole new life. Some are excited about the learning experience that is in store for them, some are excited about the glamorous college life and some (people like me) are just neutral about everything. As far as I’m concerned, I want my college life to be as simple as possible. I don’t want to make any silly mistakes that’d probably cost me my career. Studying well will be my main aim, and rest of the things will come along just fine, I’m sure a lot people would agree with me on that fact.

It happens often that we’re never satisfied with what we have and keep running after other things rather than realising the importance of what we already have. We should value what we possess or what we have achieved.

Diksha Jain
Springdales School, Pusa Road

The oft-used adage ‘history repeats itself’ is just so apt at the moment. As I gear up for the first day of college, flashes of my first day at school appear in front of my eyes. How my parents were anxiously waiting outside my classroom, scared to leave me in such a big building, and me telling them to go since I had gelled along really well with a kitchen set in the class! This time the story is going to be pretty much the same, but a role reversal will take pace.

This time I would be anxious to enter the gates of the college, while my parents would be the ones encouraging me and wishing me luck.

I have often imagined my first day at college during my senior school days. And finally, when the much-awaited moment is approaching, I am getting all jittery. From my clothes, to my bag, my hairstyle, footwear and even the colour of the nail paint are a matter of great concern at the moment.

Whatever little interaction I have had with the staff and seniors of the college has given me a relief - the chances of ragging are minimum. A friendly interaction is all that takes place between the seniors and freshers, and I am looking forward to that.

Although I am very nervous, I am hoping that everything falls into place when the time comes. And along with hoping for the best, I am keeping calm by repeating the words of the great Aamir Khan- Aal Izz Well!!

Zinnia Sharma
St Thomas’ School

One day to go. This is when I’m no longer anxious, just excited. It’s funny how little I’m preparing for “The day” when I had been waiting for it since Class 11. For the first time ever, maybe, I do not feel bad about the string of idle days, which began way back in April, coming to an end.

I can picture entering the college, head held high with a million aspirations. I will remember what my mother told me: “You are your own master, believe in yourself.” You must, at every step, trust yourself with making the right decisions and even if it isn’t right, and take responsibility for your actions.

Learning from your mistakes would in turn make you better the next time round.

Hans Raj College, one of the premiere colleges in Delhi, is set to become my everyday destination. The college has completed 62 years in the realm of imparting higher education. Over the years, it has built an impressive infrastructure. What really impressed me however, were the alumni of the college, including Shah Rukh Khan, Rannvijay Singh, Shiny Ahuja, Vinod Dua, and Anurag Kashyap, among others. Reading about these famous personalities, I was convinced that my college was capable of producing numerous dignitaries who have succeeded in vastly different domains. I was very inspired because being part of this college meant being part of a major league of excellence.

Rhiju Talukdar
St Columba’s School

Strapped in and in position to take off; ladies and gentleman, this will be a long-haul flight from ‘now’ to ‘then’, with every chance of turbulence and bad visibility, please read the safety instruction cards and ignore the hideous unruly crew, they’re meant to be that way. You see, I was in Goa this week for a mini-vacation before college starts. Free time away from home really can get you thinking; hence the insightful look at things to come. Three milestone years of our lives will begin with one highly anticipated day, the first day at college.

Parushi Ruhil
St Thomas’ School

Today is the day! My first day of college.I am super excited. I am ready for anything on the first day! This experience can be compared with the first adventure island ride I took - Twister. I did not know what to expect I was scared but more that that I was excited! I mean come on, it was my first-ever ride. College will be a never-ending stream of new experiences, I am sure, and I am game for it.

I plan to involve myself in many college activities. In school, parents did not really let me get involved with extracurricular activities because they thought it would affect my studies.

Ishita Jindal
Modern School, Barakhamba Road

With the start of college just 10 days from now, the first thing that comes to my mind is my first day in school. Looking at the buildings, teachers, seniors, the school bags and buses, everything scared me. Everything had changed in a day and I wasn’t willing to accept it then. The start was tough of course, but school I believe, has given me some of the best times that life has to offer.

Once again, as I’m going to step into college, I know there will be changes I will have to accept and deal with. We’re not kids anymore (though the idea seems appealing) and I’d have no excuses to make. Opting in for a hostel, I know my whole routine will change from here on. With the classes from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening, 24x7 learning, living in the hills, a possible encounter with snakes and scorpions, adjusting to the college mess food and no interference from anyone whatsoever (the best part about the hostel), I’m going to be completely on my own. It feels good to finally realise we’ll have no one to blame for what we do and the choices we make — no one, but ourselves. On the 29th of this month, I’m finally going to interact with my batchmates, seniors and faculty. Having already spoken to many seniors, I’m really looking forward to getting there. The day being the start of my four-year life in the university, I hope it starts on a good note.

Now that the new journey for all of us is starting, a very best of luck to everyone!

First Published: Jul 19, 2011 13:58 IST