First day,first show

HT Horizons campus journalists (CJs) take their cameras to college to record their first day on campus

education Updated: Jul 27, 2011 11:08 IST
Hindustan Times

Diksha Jain, Jesus and Mary College

Third-year students introduced the campus to us. Once settled, we were asked to introduce ourselves – while standing on the chair! We were also told that since
ragging was not allowed, the seniors would be obliged if we followed a dress code given by them — yellow clothes from top to bottom, accompanied by red glass bangles!

Each department was given a dress code, it was fun to guess a student’s course by the way she was dressed.

Zinnia Sharma, Hansraj College

Fucchas were welcomed with roses (for girls) and tikka (for boys) by our dedicated seniors. It was a
sincere effort at making us feel we belonged, I must say. The so called ragging session was entertaining, since it involved no humiliating dares, but humorous introductions. The seniors helped us break the ice among each othe. They also gave us some minute details of the college and the course, which were extremely helpful

Rhiju Talukdar, Hansraj College

The first day at college; even the worst teacher-prompting, notes-copying student wouldn’t want to be late. Now, I’m not in that league, but yes I was late by about 10 minutes. But, what do you know? We ended up not having our lecture and were left standing outside till the ragging brigade arrived. Now, ragging is meant to be ‘prohibited’ but the ‘shuddh-Hindi’ introductions that followed, seemed anything otherwise. The rest of the day was spent striking up an acquaintance with random people

Parushi Ruhil, Indraprastha College for Women

Facebook helped a lot. I was already in touch with some seniors through the college group on Facebook and they made all the freshers comfortable and gave us an idea about how things work in college, how teachers are going to be and extra-curricular activities. My first day of college was full of new experiences. I got into a new e
ducation building, was exposed to a different style of learning and found out more about my course

Ishita Jindal, NIIT University

My identity, as people would see it, has changed. I’m now a to-be-engineer from NIIT University. Thinking about my first day there, I’m hoping for an orientation programme and an ice-breaking session with seniors. Being a CJ has been one memorable experience I’m going to cherish throughout life. I just didn’t realise how soon it has come to an end. With this being the last article, I hope for the very best for everyone

First Published: Jul 26, 2011 12:58 IST