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Get enough sleep, keep revising lessons

Students do not have to write answers in the same language as in the textbooks, but must follow rules. Your guiding light in the next crucial weeks

education Updated: Feb 28, 2013 01:38 IST

With only a day left for the board exams to begin, the Central Board for Secondary Education answers students' questions on the syllabus, exam pattern and how to frame answers.

Experts stress the importance of not studying anything new, revising lessons already learnt and getting enough sleep at this juncture.

I'm a humanities student and have chosen entrepreneurship as one of my subjects. Can you please suggest some extra study material for the subject? I also cannot find any sample papers for this subject on the CBSE website. Please help.

Please refer to the textbooks on entrepreneurship printed by CBSE for Classes 11 and 12. The board does not recommend books by private publishers. However, in order to have understanding of concepts covered under different sub-topics, in a different manner, if needed, one may like to refer to some other standard textbooks. Topics are found to have been dealt differently in various textbooks.

For syllabus, question paper design and sample question papers in entrepreneurship for Class 12, please refer to circular No. 47 dated 12th August, 2013.

I am a student of Class 12 and I would like to know if the CBSE will follow the same pattern and marking scheme in the board exams as given in 2012-2013 official blueprint of the sample papers.

The question papers in a subject for the board examination are based on the question paper design for that subject available on the CBSE website. The answers are examined by the evaluators strictly based on the marking scheme.

I am a student of Class 12 commerce student with math. My problem is that I believe in understanding concepts and not mugging up the material. However, in the paper, I cannot reproduce it in the same language as the textbook. Is it necessary to write in the same language as the book especially in theory papers such as English, economics and business studies?

It is not necessary to write the same language in the answers as given in the textbooks. You may answer in your own language, provided the answer correctly states what is asked for in the question following the word limit and the instructions.

In accountancy, are the following topics in syllabus: Writing off discount/loss on issue of a partner. Has the name of the topic securities premium account changed to securities premium reserve? Also, in economics, are the following in syllabus: merits and demerits of fixed and floating exchange rate system, paradox of thrift?

Writing off discount/loss on issue of shares and debentures is included in the accountancy syllabus for Class 12. Securities premium account is changed to security premium reserve in the economics syllabus, merits and demerits of fixed and fluctuating exchange rates and paradox of thrift are not included. Meaning of fixed and flexible foreign exchange rates and managed floating are in the syllabus.