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One small step...

Six of HT Education’s hot and happening writers begin their quest for admission to colleges... and they’ve just started sharing their diaries with you

education Updated: Jun 05, 2012 13:48 IST
Hindustan Times

Ankita Chander, St Thomas School

Here is the story of a happy go lucky ‘not -so-perfect’girl who presses the snooze button of her alarm clock every morning and dreams big.

Her life is at cross roads. Unsure about her direction she constantly deliberates on these questions at the start of each day - “What am I going to do? Which course? Which college?”

These deliberations are sometimes laced with worries - she fears that 94.5% wouldn’t be enough to secure admission into a college of her dreams and the course of her choice.

This fear torments every youngster going through the ‘Great Indian Admission Process’.

Why? Because we live in a country with brains that can do integration problems in seconds and solve puzzles faster than the blink of an eye! With cut-throat competition and lack of good infrastructure to absorb all these students - it is a herculean task to secure admission into a good college or varsity.

In order to relieve herself of this stress,the girl dances to groovy music, and hums One Direction.

After spending a relaxing and exciting trip to Australia for seven weeks she finds it tough to study for her entrance exams. Nevertheless she tries - she tries as hard as she can to memorise the GDP growth and repo rate figures for her interviews.

Curious to know who she is? It’s none other than me -Ankita Chander, who finished high-school this year from St. Thomas.

She dances to groovy music and hums One Direction numbers

Riti Wig, DPS Noida

All little girls dream of growing up and becoming a princess and the irony is that this dream hasnt changed for me even today when I am grown up. Fairy tales with happy endings have always fascinated me. As I grew up I saw bad things happen to people. I have seen people hit rock bottom in life and greive their misfortunes. But then I saw something that reinforced my faith in fairytale endings- all these people got up stronger and chased their dreams and those of the one’s they loved with a steelier resolve. I’ve had quite an eventful life till now. The highs and the lows, both, matter to me, and have made me a better person and helped me realise the worth of this wonderful life. My mother has been a potter in shaping me. She’s been a constant support, and quite a superwoman. Independent, strong, brave and a happy soul - she has been my strength. My younger sister has always reminded me of the Indian freedom fighter Rani Lakshmi Bai. Strong-headed,determined... and someone who owns a heart of gold. My mother and sister are a part of me, for always. I have been lucky enough to have a few incredible people around me, people who I’ve adored, liked, loved, disliked, hated. The all have taught me something. Isn’t that how life is meant to be? Keep learning. Writing and painting have helped me to open my heart and give vent to different emotions. I have discovered another love in photography. I love capturing unusual and beautiful sights around me. In all these pursuits I tell myself one thing - “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. And to do it right I want to catch onto the dreams that are always part of my subconscious.

She believes in the power of dreams and the promise of life

Shreya Mudgil, Mount Carmel School

There are mixed reactions to the word ‘college’ from the youngsters who have just passed Class 12.

One reaction is excitement. Finally we get to live on our own. Finally, we get to study the subjects we had always wanted to study in depth. An indellible sense of freedom accompanies these thoughts.

As we read the various courses offered by the colleges, we realise that there is more to life than becoming pilots, doctors and engineers. What a relief! Especially for students like me who are not too fascinated by science, technology or the conventional careers.

Another reaction is exhaustion. “Abhi toh padhna khatm hua tha..” (we have just finished studying). As we prepare for the innumerable entrance tests for our first, second, third or maybe even fourth preference of courses this feeling gradually but surely seeps in.

It is a funny feeling overall at this time. Our veins are bursting with the rush of adrenaline. We are so uncertain of the future, yet, we cannot wait to touch it, feel it, taste it. The future by virtue of being unknown harbours an unexplained sense of anxious excitement. Having passed out from MCS, Dwarka, I have developed a passion for the English language. I almost have a worshipping reverence for the language. Reading novels and books and composing small poems are two of my favourite hobbies. I plan to pursue career options that centre around this language that so enchants me.

The English language enchants her

Gargi Roy, Air Force Bal Bharti School

I am Gargi. I’ve just passed my Class 12 Board Exams. I had taken science and my subjects were physics, chemistry, maths, English, computer science and physical education. If you ask me what my favourite subject is, I would take my time to think and reply physical education or English. This is so because all the other subjects are kind of tough and to score cent percent in the same, one has to give up social life, friends, phone and internet and study for 18 hours a day! This is pretty tough for someone like me who cannot do without a daily dose of Facebook, Twitter and Pizza Hut or McDonalds. I was in the school basketball team and athletics team but when I opted for science, I had to give up my passion for sports and concentrate on studies. I was studying to clear the B.Tech entrance exams to get into a decent engineering college. I also had to restrict my other passions like reading and writing. Finally I was beyond feeling just exhausted while giving my board exams and the physics paper was a huge blow. It shattered my confidence and morale as I had studied very hard for it. The rest of the papers were better than physics of course, but I wasn't confident anymore with my output in the exams. All I can say at this juncture is that the life of a science student is really hard. But I console myself in the reasoning that if I study hard now I will secure my future. Nevertheless it saddens me to think that these years could have been a lot more carefree minus the burden of textbooks.

She rues the pressures science students face

Siddhi Goel, St Thomas School

We’ve all been writing articles titled ‘myself’ since grade one, but even today, the phrase ‘describe yourself’ seems intimidating to me. So after much brainstorming, pen cap chewing, and endless gorging on Maggie noodles, here are some ramblings about myself:

I’m Siddhi, and I just finished my class 12 Board exams. Even though it’s supposed to bring in a feeling of relief, believe me for me the feeling is just the exact opposite. These days, I’m torn between pursuing journalism or psychology because I find them both so interesting! Academics aside, I’d also like to mention that I eat, pray, love dance (I love Kathak; I’ve been learning it since I was a little kid), and do a whole lot of other things that normal people do (or don’t!).For me the sweetest smell is that of a new book. Had I been an animal, I would be a curious little cat. Add “confused” and a pinch of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and you’ve found my middle name. I’m still trying to figure out a career choice for myself, but given my love for Kathak, whatever I choose, I will also establish myself as a Kathak dancer.

I've been following this series for two years now, and have also been imagining myself as a campus journalist. For a girl who loves to write, this is nothing short of a dream job. It’s almost like a dream come true (yes I know it's a cliché, and we all hate them, but I promise it’s the only one in this piece)!

Being a campus journalist is a dream come true for her

Anam Kazmi, Presentation Convent

Hi, I am Anam Kazmi. I have just given my Class 12 board exams, which exhausted me completely. Now I am chilling at home but not free from anxiety. Am dreading the arduous road ahead for college admissions.

I have done my schooling from Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Delhi, where I studied humanities. I chose humanities because I thought it offered a window into the world, its cultures, societies and politics, which have all shaped humanity over the years. My school has always been an important part of my life, so my days feel a little empty now and my mornings start a little later (in fact, much later!) Even though I don’t miss parts like polishing my shoes or revising for class tests, I do miss the interesting class discussions, sharing jokes with friends and participating in various activities.

I am an avid reader and some of my favourite authors are Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens and PG Wodehouse. Another favourite pastime is watching TV. I’m looking forward to my college life, interacting with different people, making new friends, travelling alone and becoming more independent. I am seeking fresh milestones and experiences. In short, I am looking forward to the completely new experience that awaits me.

She looks forward to college life

First Published: Jun 05, 2012 13:40 IST