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Time for panic attacks!

HT Horizons campus journalists, who went through the admission process recently, share their experiences of cracking the list, disheartening extra-curricular activities trials, recovering from falls, and the quest for success

education Updated: Jun 23, 2010 09:21 IST
Hindustan Times

Gauri Saxena Gyan Bharati School

And my heartbeat thumped as fast as it had never, the cut offs for Stephens were out, and I’d gotten through history honours. The only clarification that awaited was the official interview call. Technically it was only an online result, but call sounds more intriguing if I may!

So coming back to the part where my heartbeat thumped like never before, I typed in my registration number to the Stephen’s result site, and there it was, the day and the date of the interview. I, never really thought this dream would come true, it was so far fetched (the idea of getting through Stephen’s) that I never even dared to dream of it, so technically it wasn’t really a dream. Just a distant wish that was baseless and too surreal to ever turn to reality.

Honestly speaking, I was happier to see the look on my parents’ faces, perhaps they’d never really thought so highly of me. Apparently, I exceeded their expectations and that’s the only thing that mattered most to me. Even today, its not about the fact that I would possibly be in a prestigious college, the fact remains that if I am not able to bring a smile to my folks, nothing would hold consequence. Nothing at all.

Soham Shiva The Shri Ram School. Gurgaon

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is quite common to miss humour for arrogance in the above words, for it takes great courage to admit fallacies within self. We have great advisors and gurus who stress upon the importance of setting goals, in succession until the nerves turn pale.

Of course, they justify their preaching by further preaching about necessity of realism in those goals. The circle continues to destroy wildness in the name of civilisation. I disagree with every attempt of turning a multi-directional mind into one that is blind to everything except ambition.

For now, I revel in the ‘goal’-less life I lead and swim with ease amongst the freedom that it offers. Is this an effort to shed off my responsibilities? No.

Nor is this a convenient way to escape from un-attainment of certain achievements. My life will be lived my way. You need to learn how to celebrate life over limitations.

It is not the destination, but the journey that’s important.

Do you think it is the final Board result which makes you what you are today? No! What about the thousands of things you learnt in school, but outside your classroom? There’s a whole world that awaits you with open arms. Jump into it. Don’t just be talented. Be your own genius.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Kshitij Sharan

Vasant Valley, Vasant Kunj

As I practised my tabla skills on my knees, I was constantly thinking about how my very first formal audition would go. This was my only way of getting into a good college in DU; ECA auditions. I mentioned in my earlier article that when I travel to DU I feel as if I am travelling to another city. So this time when the list in Hansraj for ECA came out, I asked my friends to check it out for me. I had applied for Hindi debating as well as tabla, but only got through the latter.

I wore my best kurta to show my “Indianness” to the judges, but realised later, nothing superficial matters. The time given to me for Indian/Western instrumentals was 9 am.

Now, that meant that I had to leave my house at 7.30 am and I hadn’t got up that early since the boards. However, I reached the Hansraj hall sharp on time.

There were about 40 students there, all with high hopes, accompanied with their parents with high expectations.

It started off with the drummers followed by the guitarists. My confidence kept falling as I continued to be impressed by the instrumentalists.

My turn came at 10 am, after innumerable visits to the loo and a number of power naps. Now I don’t want to talk about my trial as it was pretty disappointing. But I can advise the future applicants that theory is immensely important as well, along with your practical skills. There is an impressive pool of talent that awaits you.

Vanshika DPS, Mathura Road
The week gone by was by far the most amazing in the process of admission.

No matter how things have been going, I have never felt an urge to learn as much as I wanted to this week. I gave three ECA debate trials this week — JMC, Hansraj College prelims and Hansraj finals. The one at JMC taught me more than debating. It taught me that people will question you, but if only you have an element of assurance within your own self, you will survive. My trial went in breathlessness but it gave me a chance to know that what I need is not a piece of debate but a sense of enjoyment when I stand on the podium.

Next day, I had the prelims round at Hansraj where I could listen to the country’s top speakers.

There I realised that there is a need to solidify my argument and make it more organised.

A day later, I had the final where I could bring both things that I felt were missing.

But that too came with another realisation that I can possibly be a little more creative in explaining my structured logic.

I don’t know if I’ll make it through Hansraj or not but I am really happy to have understood the absolutely new format of debating at college level, which focuses more on matter than manner.

And I really need to mention that the trials at Hansraj were created in very positive atmosphere where the people judging us, both teachers and students, realised that we are just pass outs from school while at the same time they guided us through the new format.

Somehow there’s an urge to get better everytime.

And honestly, I didn’t expect this untill my brother told me one day when I was at an all-time low, not able to think beyond the insecurity of my future —

“if you can deal with it today, you can deal with it whenever this happens again.”

I am happy to have started all over again and not caring about what’s left behind.

Here’s wishing all of you, all the very best for the days to come.

Saumya Aggarwal Presentation Convent

Choosing one out of the many has always been the hard part for me. As a result, unlike my friends, who had their life-goals written down in front of them, I was still trying to look through the hazy cloud of my options. And that meant extra forms, extra exams and extra panic for me.

Exhilarating for some, exhausting for the others, the DU admissions process can be a lot of things for a lot of people. For me, it was merely a very painful yet stirring experience.

Graduating from the sheltered school buses to DTC’s and bluelines, I’ve evolved and being the klutz I am, I had a lot of incidents in the last two months.

I fell down first in a bus on my way to LSR, only to get up with renewed confidence and fall down again from an auto rickshaw infront of the Kamla Nehru College, thinking that I had made my choice, but only to get lost in the Metro station. I found my way back again with renewed hopes for my future only to take the wrong bus.

But, the show must go on, so this time I took the right one and yet had an almost accident on my way to my dad’s safe car.

Each fall made me realise that it’s not the fall that hurts us, it’s getting up after the fall that takes its toll. And each time I recovered from my fall, life threw yet another challenge at me.

And, it’s still not over.

Even after having applied to 21 different colleges, for seven different courses, having been selected for 13 entrance exams (excluding the four I filled in for engineering) with five still in pipeline, I still have three more interviews lined up.

God knows what hurdles life has in store for me there!

But as they all say, it comes only once in a lifetime.

So, instead of hiding my scars and bruises, I’m wearing them as badges of honour. This is my life. And only the choices that I take will be influential in making me who I want to be.

“I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know. I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong, Oh, but life goes on. Oh, I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.”

First Published: Jun 22, 2010 12:21 IST