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After Maine Pyar Kiya became a hit, I was jobless: Salman Khan

Clued in to the fact that every film release calls for mandatory media promotion, he's actually smiling Mona Lisa-like in interviews. Salman Khan gives Shaikh Ayaz the smiley treatment.
None | By Shaikh Ayaz, Mumbai
UPDATED ON OCT 29, 2007 05:55 PM IST

Touchwood. Signs are that he has turned over the proverbial new leaf. Evidently, out to clean up his act vis-à-vis the black buck court case in Jodhpur.. and clued in to the fact that every film release calls for mandatory media promotion, he's actually smiling Mona Lisa-like in interviews. Aaj ka Salman Khan gives Shaikh Ayaz the smiley treatment

Hello, hello. You're suddenly all lovey-dovey with the media.. is there an agenda?
(Looking away) I've always been a calm guy Yes, there have been times when I have been angry but I have never misbehaved with anyone, and certainly not with the elders. When my parents are around, I don't even sit cross-legged or lounge on a sofa.

As a journalist, you can ask me everything which you think is important. But when my personal life is linked with someone's else's, sorry, I won't come up with quotable quotes.

It's a no-win situation really. Just the other day, a guy from the media smashed my car's windows. If I'd jumped out of the car, there would have been an ugly scene. The cameraman would have filmed it and played it again and again on his channel. Tell me, what can I do in such situations?

Have you become majorly sharif?
Chal yaar pagal hai kya?

Okay. How come you accepted to do a cameo role in Saawariya?
It was originally a guest appearance. But everyone knows how Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) is.. the role was extended. In fact, I didn't even realise that it's been seven years since I last worked with Sanjay in Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam. He hasn't changed.

There was a time when he had no money, but he'd still spend his last rupee on his movie. Uski film mein jo bhi paisa kharcha hota hai, woh dikhta hai. Look at his sets, they're dazzling.

Saawariya and Om Shanti Om are releasing on the same day. Why didn't you attempt to avoid the clash, especially since you know Shah Rukh Khan so well?
The dates were fixed. I don't see any competition between Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. Come on, I'm a part of both the films. I've a special appearance in Om Shanti Om. The fact that they're releasing alongside each other is good for both the films.

See, if Om Shanti Om was released first, Saawariya would have naturally followed, taking over the collections of Om.. If Saawariya came before Om, ditto. Now, this one's a win-win situation!

The trade says that you're a Rs 24 crore actor now. True?

What? Salman Khan is always Salman Khan.

Haven't you signed a multiple-film deal with Shree Ashtavinayak Films?

No, it's only a one-film deal.

Are the corporates a bane or boon for showbiz?

Arre yaar

, money is more important than anything else. (Laughs) Give me money and I'll do a film.

Are you impressed with Shah Rukh Khan's six-packs?

(Laughs) It must have become four-packs by now! No no, Shah Rukh is a dear friend. He's worked extremely hard on his body. He's looking Even Aamir (Khan) is getting muscular now.

Would you work with Aamir Khan in the future?

Why not? Boss, I'm all ready.. we freaked out in

Andaz Apna Apna


He has become a director with Taare Zameen Par. Would you ever get behind the camera?
No, direction is not for me.

Are you embarrassed by any of your movies?
Not at all. In fact, I'm proud of all my films. More than 10 years ago, I did Chandramukhi which didn't do well.. it was my idea to make a film like that. Koi Mil Gaya was somewhat similar and it became such a big hit. I guess Chandramukhi was way ahead of its time.

I've always had the best in my life. I've lived a good life so far, I've never had financial problems. When I started off, my goal was to earn only Rs 10 lakh, sit back and enjoy it. That's it. (Laughs) I believe you get an interest of Rs 2,000 on that much amount..

sahi baat hai kya


I'll check. Ever been without work?

Yes. After

Maine Pyar Kiya

became a hit, I was jobless. I sat at home for six months.

Mere abba ne phir kuch jhol kiya

.. he got G P Sippy


to announce a film with me. "



kar do




mein pakad ho jaayegi

," my father told Sippy



My friends have always stuck by me.. like Sooraj Barjatya. I still remember.. when Rajshri Films called me for

Maine Pyar Kiya

, I had apprehensions. It was said that none of the new actors who work with Rajshri ever has a successful career. (Laughs) Also, I'd thought they'd make me wear a


in a film about a village boy and a

gaon ki gori


Is the

Amar Akbar Anthony

remake happening?

Dude, I'm still thinking about that. I wouldn't mind remaking




. But

Amar Akbar Anthony

is one of my favourite films. I think it's impossible to replay Bachchan



Are you playing a maharaja in Subhash Ghai's



I don't know about that but Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan think they're playing



What went wrong with



Kyun Ki


I didn't promote


... although I liked the film. I didn't move out of my house for its promotion. Now I've learnt from Shah Rukh how important it is to promote one's films.

As for Kyun Ki, I loved it but I didn't like its ending. I requested the director (Priyardarshan) and producer to change the climax, but they said, "Sir, yeh picture to khaa jaayegi sab ko." Picture apne aapko khaa gayee.

Okay, so what's this painting kick of yours?

What are you painting nowadays?
You know there's a new revelation in the art world about Mona Lisa's missing eyebrows.. there are deeper meanings to the painting. I sometimes wonder, "Will psycho-analysts test my brain and heart some day to find hidden meanings in my paintings?" (Laughs)

When I think about that, I'm like, "Man, there's no deeper meaning in my paintings. Sometimes, I just spill colour on the canvas.. and a piece of art is ready." I'm not M F Husain saab but I've always been fond of sketching even as a young boy. My mother paints.. maybe that's where it comes from.

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