One Piece Chapter 1118 spoilers: Bonney taps into her full potential; Five Elders target Atlas and Lilith - Hindustan Times

One Piece Chapter 1118 spoilers: Bonney taps into her full potential; Five Elders target Atlas and Lilith

Jun 19, 2024 02:53 AM IST

One Piece Chapter 1118 will roll out visuals of Bonney's Nika form on June 24 (JST). Vegapunk's message isn't quite done yet, so you won't want to miss out!

With One Piece breaks officially a thing of the past (at least until June's end), mangaka Eiichiro Oda will be back with the 1118th chapter “I'm Free!” on Monday, June 24, at 12 am JST. The previous chapter's spoilers teased the ultimate clash between Zoro and Nusjuro while other mini-battles unfold in the background. Vegapunk's broadcast is also not out of steam yet. Oda knows his way around the fans' hearts and how to play with them. So, the broadcast will likely continue again next time until another merciless disruption delivers one more cliffhanger.

Jewelry Bonney in One Piece anime.
Jewelry Bonney in One Piece anime.

One Piece Chapter 1118 leaks rolled out on social media on Tuesday, June 18. The initial brief spoilers resulted in several trending hashtags as the fandom dove right into a pool of speculations, theories and meme-worthy representations. Here's what we know about the forthcoming chapter of the manga.

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One Piece Chapter 1118 spoilers

A few hours ago, popular One Piece scooper- @pewpiece came through with a compilation of the first batch of spoilers for the next chapter of Eiichiro Oda's manga. The sweet surprise promised that the series would consistently deliver the story's continuation next week as well, marking the release of three chapters in three consecutive weeks.

The X/Twitter user also alleged that the upcoming chapter is merely 13 pages long. With fans' eyes peeled for Dr Vegapunk's bombastic revelation, all One Piece enthusiasts can think about these days are the words, “Among you there is a…” and “That name is…” Pew shared further clarification that despite the scientist's broadcast being disrupted in the previous chapter, it is expected to come back online for a few seconds, hinting at the dreaded name. However, yet another distorted cliffhanger will possibly cut off the message again.

Yet another prime focus of the One Piece 1118 chapter will be Bonney's transformation into her Nika form. At first, Luffy would switch to his Gear 5 avatar, encouraging Bonney to tap into her fullest potential as well. Fans are already proclaiming her Nika form as “Joy Girl.”

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The 1118th edition will likely be titled “I'm Free!” The main content spoilers highlight that the Iron Giant will purportedly sink into the sea after Saint Topman Warcury's attack. Thereafter, more reaction shots follow, including those of Leo and Rebecca.

Vegapunk Atlas and Vegapunk Lilith become the Five Elders' new targets, as they attempt to capture them.

An onslaught on an Elbaf ship begins, led by Gorosei member Saint Marcus Mars. His indomitable assaults on board the vessel render the Giants' counter-attacks worthless.

Ultimately, Luffy and Jewelry Bonney come to the rescue. The former undergoes an awakening upon harnessing her devil fruit powers, which allow her to max out her abilities with the Nika transformation. The Iron Giant senses this power and calls out, “It's here."

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