Doomsday’s gonna be one big party!

The web is abuzz with people planning parties for the 12th december 2012.

entertainment Updated: Jul 19, 2011 00:54 IST
Akshay Kapoor
Akshay Kapoor
Hindustan Times

The ‘end of the world’ scare has given way to some serious celebration. Though the so-called doom doesn’t descend on the earth before December 21, 2012, as per the ancient Mayan prophecy, the web is already abuzz with people planning parties for the ‘grand event’. Around 15,000 are attending so far, and the two major events are being spearheaded by, well, Indians.

The first, titled The End of the World, pokes fun at the catastrophe. Its host Anshuman Bhattacharjee says on the page, “Be there with all your friends ... I’m really looking forward to a good fireworks display when the Earth suddenly blows apart”. Scheduled to take place on Dec 21 2012, the party already has 13,683 users on its guest list.

The second event, being hosted by Amrit Pal Singh on 12.12.12, has 781 members ‘attending’ so far. According to the invite, the “location will be disclosed soon for your city/country.” The invitation reads, “Everyone is invited to this last gig which will happen worldwide.”

First Published: Jul 18, 2011 17:34 IST