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'I'm a brand custodian for Himesh Reshammiya'

Aap Kaa Surroor director Prashant Chadha in a tête-à-tête with Vajir Singh on the response to the film and his loveless life.
None | By Vajir Singh, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 19, 2007 05:22 PM IST

Director of the smash hit film Aap Ka Surroor Prashant Chadha is not surprised with the film's success as he was sure of Himesh's popularity. The director is now planning sequel to the film. Vajir Singh interviews the director.

Aap Ka Surroor took a good opening. What's the status now?
It opened extremely well and has also sustained so far. On Friday, everyone said, "Monday ko bada drop aayega." But it never happened. The ticket sales kept increasing, proving everyone wrong. You won't get tickets during the weekends.

Were you expecting such a response?
Yes, of course. I saw the kind of popularity Himesh earned in the last few years.. it was evident from the audience response he got during his stage shows.

We were sure that his fans wouldn't let us down, which is what happened. I had immense faith in Himesh and vice-a-versa.

Is that the reason for the tagline ‘when there is faith there is no fear'?
Yes. Every morning the entire unit used to come to the sets and say – ‘when there is faith there is no fear. '

Are you serious?
Of course. One morning during the shoot it began raining heavily. Our cameraman said it would be difficult to shoot. To this, one of my assistants said, "When there is faith there is no fear."

And you won't believe, in half an hour the sky cleared. The climate in Germany keeps changing every hour. It was because of our slogan and faith that we managed to complete the film ahead of schedule.

And now you'll go ahead with the sequel?
Currently, I'm working on two scripts.. one is of the sequel. Once I'm through with it, we will take a call on which script to go ahead with - the sequel or the other one.

Why didn't you take a big name like Salman Khan.. a friend to both of you.. in a cameo?
I never thought of it. The script was written keeping Himesh in mind. I was sure that he had the power to pull it off. There was no scope for any other known name.

Why didn't you cast Deepika Padukone instead of Hansika Motwani?
Though she has did two videos with Himesh, she was already signed for Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om. So, we decided to go ahead with a fresh face. Hansika fitted the slot.

It is said that more money was spent on marketing Aap kaa Surroor than making it. Is it true?
I used to make promos.. so I decided to bombard with promos revealing small details about the movie – right from his cap to minus cap.

I planned everything as I wanted it. However, I can't tell you how much money my producer spent. Let me be in my creative shell only, please.

Will you continue making videos?
I'll do whatever it takes to make Himesh a bigger star.. be it commercials, videos or movies. That was the mission Himesh and I started out on.. today we have almost achieved it.

Every nation has its rockstar. We wanted our nation to have one too - that's Himesh.

Coming back to your question, yes I'll make videos with Himesh in future, which will also have international stars apart from Himesh. I'm a brand custodian for Himesh Reshammiya.

Was that the reason you choose to be behind the curtains and had Himesh all over the media during the promotion?
I prefer to work behind the camera. This is how I am.

Your sister Rupa has styled Himesh..
Well, Rupa is a graphic designer from Canada. She came here on a little vacation when we were shooting the video for Aashiq Banaya Aapne. She decided to give a different but not outlandish look. I think it has clicked in a big way.

Oh.. and thank god you said my sister Rupa. Himesh considers her his sister too. Whenever he says in public, ‘My sister Rupa..' people assume that I'm Himesh's brother-in-law. I'm single. (laughs)

But you weren't you once dating Kim Sharma.
(Laughs) What's this now? (Pause) Okay, it was four years ago.. we broke off.

See, every relationship comes with an expiry date. We were together for two years and parted ways four years ago.

It's unbelievable that you have been single since then.
Believe me, I don't have anyone in my life. It's been four years.

How come?
I have been working hard for the last four years. It's not that I've made up my mind to be single. But my busy work schedule doesn't allow me to mingle.. so I'm single.

You make romantic films and videos but live a romance-less life.
(Sighs) Every day I think about it but it's not easy for me to get likeminded people at this age.

Also, the kind of work I do shooting, editing and other post-production work - is all male dominated. So, there's no interaction with any girl.

Okay okay. Did Kim Sharma see your film Aap Ka Surroor?
I don't know. I'm not in touch with her.

Lastly, you were a regular at J W Marriott, but not anymore.
(Ha ha) You mean Enigma discotheque? I used to go there with a group of friends. Now my busy schedule doesn't allow me to do so. At the moment, I've only work work and work.

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