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SMS love is effective: Cyrus Broacha

Just write to uncle Cy and I’ll give you some relief…. err… that is, provided, I’m not doing a headstand at the time.

entertainment Updated: Jul 16, 2012 17:32 IST
Cyrus Broacha
Cyrus Broacha
Hindustan Times

I am 20 and I’m in love with a girl of the same age. She lives in a hostel and we contact each other via SMS. I haven’t asked her out yet, but I love her sincerely from school days. We are now good friends. But I don’t know how to express myself. Please help me, love Guru!

— BN Rockz

Thank you for calling me by my family name, love Guru. Now my dear Rockz, your relationship is very similar to Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, though if somebody else calls you Cleopatra, don’t take it lightly. These two eventual lovers romanced each other through messages, and though Cleo finally killed herself, it doesn’t change the fact that messaging is an effective tool to aid romance. So, keep going with the SMSing and slightly suggest your feelings to her, and wait for her to respond. You two find love and the mobile phone company earns revenue, so you’re helping yourself and your country’s economy.

I’m 18 and have been in a relationship for one year. My boyfriend’s parents know about us and have accepted us. I told my mom about our relationship and she flipped out. I tried explaining it to her, but she said no. My mom is not even angry and talks normally with me. I don’t want to hurt my parents; I want their support. But at the same time it’s difficult for me to live without my boyfriend. We are in a serious relationship. What should I do?

— Pooja Shetty

Do you know that even before gravity dawned on Sir Isaac Newton, on four separate occasions, apples fell on his head and his conclusion each time was ‘apples lead to head injury’. What I’m trying to say is that opinions change in time. Your mom sounds like a balanced, levelheaded lady. Talk her through your feelings every now and then. Never forcefully, but gently. Many great battles were won by tenderness and love, though quite frankly, I can’t think of a single one right now.

I’m 20 and in love with a girl of the same age. We started chatting on Facebook and exchanged numbers. But whenever I ask her out, she says that she needs time. It has been more than five months, and I’ve stopped texting her. But I can’t stop thinking about her. Now how do I break the ice? I’m confused. Should I just start as if nothing happened?

— Super Duper Confused

Super Duperji, you have lost the momentum. In the five months break, she didn’t try to contact you and that is not a good sign. Now please don’t contact her. You need to meet her accidentally, and if sparks fly, only then resume communication. Otherwise you will come across as desperate and needy which in the love system, puts you at the lowest level.

I met my girlfriend’s ex at a party recently. At that point of time, I was with one of my gay friends, who started talking to him. They hit it off instantly and within a week, I was surprised to know that they had sex. The other day, my gay friend showed me their nude pictures on his cell phone. Now the problem is, I have really gotten attracted to the pictures and feel like having sex with my girlfriend’s ex. Have I turned gay?

— Moby

Moby, I have good news and more good news. Which do you want to hear first? Okay, here goes, yes you are turning gay, and even better, you may actually be bisexual, which mean you have the biggest market to shop in. Great bisexuals include Alexander, Julius Cesar, three Mughal kings and many cabinet ministers from around the world, who have remained in the cabinet. So fear not, you are not unusual.

First Published: Jul 16, 2012 15:02 IST