Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss house as a challenger in December.
Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss house as a challenger in December.

Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant is an entertainer, here's why she deserves to win

  • Bigg Boss 14 is nearing its end and Rakhi Sawant is one of the finalists. Looking back at her journey, here's why she should win the reality show.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 18, 2021 07:35 AM IST

Rakhi Sawant is arguably one of the principle reasons Bigg Boss 14 is a hit. Her uninhibited style may intimidate a few but, for most parts, she is well received. Rakhi entered the Bigg Boss house as a challenger along with Kashmera Shah, Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan and Vikas Gupta in early December. While the rest made a hasty retreat, it was Rakhi who has stuck on till the very end and has a fair chance to win the trophy.

As Bigg Boss 14 draws closer to the finish line, here's why she deserves to win.

Entertainer on the show

Rakhi is a colourful personality. From the time she entered the house, she has ensured that not just the audience but the contestants too have laughed due to her. Sometime in mid December, Bigg Boss had made the female contestants participate in a duck task - contestants had to dress up like a duck and pick duck food. In the process, a fight had broken out between Nikki Tamboli and Kashmera Shah. Attempting to cool tempers, Rakhi was caught between the two fighting groups. At one point, her duck face fell off and she was seeing yelling: "“Mera mooh kyun toda (why did you break my head)? Mera batak mar gaya (my duck is dead).” Her antics saw other contestants cracking up.

At another time, Rakhi decided to play a prank and freaked out Jasmin Bhasin. She acted as if she was possessed by a spirit and spoke to herself in the mirror. She said: “I haven’t been happy for 200 years, and I own this place,” she said, leaving Jasmin very concerned. “Are you okay?” she had asked Rakhi.

An entertainer that she is, she even wrote an email to 'God' recently arguing that she definitely deserves to be adjudged the second runners up at the least. One of the episodes had shown Rakhi having a conversation with God. "Make me the second runner-up at least, I don't care who wins. You must be thinking I'm becoming more shameless, but if you were in my place, what would you have done?" she had argued.

What you see is what you get

There is a certain transparent quality about Rakhi which is pretty evident. If she takes a fancy for something, she does not hesitate in expressing herself. That probably explains the candour with which she confessed her feelings for Abhinav Shukla. Viewers saw her as being relentless in pursuing Abhinav even when he was positively annoyed with her attention.

Wearing her feelings on her sleeves, she had once taken her affection (or call it obsession) for Abhinav to an all new-level. She had appeared in one of the episodes with 'I love you Abhinav' written all over her body with lipstick.

Provocative too

Rakhi is quite capable of shocking audience and her co-contestants and that was made clear when she pulled the drawstrings of Abhinav's pants in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss, leaving the poor chap flabbergasted. Abhinav was hugely embarrassed about it, but Rakhi remained nonchalant. A furious Rubina Dilaik had asked her to not disrespect her husband. To which Rakhi had said with an air of indifference: "Aapke husband aapke ghar pe honge, humare yaha to contestant hain (Abhinav would be your husband at home, but here he is a contestant)."

Not afraid of showing her weaker side

Rakhi may be funny, she may even be provocative but there was another side of her personality which the world got to see - her problematic marriage and what it had done to her. Through much of her stint in the house, she has often spoken about her husband Ritesh and how, for all practical purposes, he was an absentee husband. Though she claims to have been married to Ritesh from 2019, he is yet to appear before public. She also revealed how it had been more than a year and he hadn't come to visit her in India.

She has been seen yearning for him, while seeing other couples. But once, viewers were in for a shock when they saw her weep bitterly as she revealed some unsavoury bits of her marriage to Ritesh. In a moment of candour, she was once seen telling Rahul Vaidya that her husband was married and has a son. "My husband is married. He did not tell me. Main kitna dard sahoon (how much pain should I endure)? He has a child; I don't even have a child."

In a separate interview with Times of India, she had said how she had gone bankrupt and asked Sohail Khan for work. "Sohail bhai (Khan) helped me a lot. Salman sir’s brother helped me. I had messaged him that bhai I want to work in the industry and want to do Bigg Boss. I don’t feel shy to ask for work. Once even Mr Amitabh Bachchan had asked the top production houses for work. I had messaged Sohail bhai and asked for work in 2020 and I think he might have spoken to Salman sir.”

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It is perhaps because of her overall honesty, she has picked up a number of fans even among former contestants and other actors. Devoleena Bhattacharjee had described her as "the star" while Aamir Ali called her "funniest n sweetest". Kamya Panjabi had dubbed her a "gem".


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