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Bigg Boss OTT’s Zeeshan Khan wonders if he would've been evicted had Salman Khan been host instead of Karan Johar

Sep 02, 2021 11:18 AM IST

Zeeshan Khan talks about whether things would have been different if it were Salman Khan instead of Karan Johar as Bigg Boss OTT host.

Zeeshan Khan, who was recently evicted from the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss OTT after engaging in physical violence, in a new interview with Hindustan Times, talked about his fight with co-contestant and old friend Urfi Javed, his views about Shamita Shetty and more.

Zeeshan Khan was asked to leave the Bigg Boss OTT house for physical violence.
Zeeshan Khan was asked to leave the Bigg Boss OTT house for physical violence.

Talking about his eviction, Zeeshan Khan said, “When I was getting evicted, I was a little confused. I was like ‘what is happening’. Basically, I knew I had not done anything wrong because I had (only) reacted and other people had acted. I think my reactions were because of the actions (of others). I did not start anything. So, when I came out of the house and saw a lot of people giving me so much love, supporting me, I honestly felt so good. I went in the house for this. I wanted people to see who the real Zeeshan Khan is and then decide whether they love him or hate him. The amount of love that I got from everyone, I was overwhelmed. I am no one to decide whether it (his eviction) was right or wrong. The show is live 24x7, the people know what is happening and whatever they decide is right.”

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Zeeshan Khan also said, “Yes, I was not allowed to keep my side of the story and if Karan Johar had heard my side of the story, he would have a different perception about me, but I understand things do get stressful in the house. I have immense respect for him. He is a wonderful person, he did his job as a host and I did mine as a contestant. With Salman sir, I do not know. Having been in the house, I know how stressful things are in there. It is very difficult to get your thoughts together. Honestly, he must have felt very strongly about it. Maybe, Salman sir would have heard my side of the story as well but I do not blame Karan sir. He must have felt very strongly about whatever was said.”

He also said that Shamita Shetty is playing it safe on the show. “Shamita Shetty is a nice person and I really like her but I think Shamita is playing it very safe. She does not even strategise or anything of that sort. She just plays it very safe. She makes a few friends but that is also her as a person. I do not think I can blame her for that. Somewhere, I cannot pinpoint how and where, but my gut feeling says she is playing a very safe game. On the whole, I love Shamita, she is a very, very nice person.”

Many fans of Bigg Boss OTT have claimed that Shamita Shetty is being favoured on the show by the producers. We asked if he agreed with them, Zeeshan said, “Honestly I have no clue as to what is happening or what isn’t. I was inside the house, that environment is so stressful. You keep planning, thinking about the tasks and strategising. Honestly, my brain was working at its maximum capacity. I was not sitting and thinking about what producers are doing. That is for the audience to decide. If they feel a certain thing, it is their call. I am no one to say anything. They know what is right and what is wrong.”

Zeeshan Khan also talked about his fight Urfi Javed. “Honestly, it is one simple thing, I did not feel Urfi wanted the connection as much as I did. I was making conscious efforts to spend time with her and even before I pressed the buzzer, I informed her. I was like ‘mai shayad buzzer daba dun (I may press the buzzer). Instead of talking about it or trying to make things work, her first reaction was ‘mujhe to stage pe se pata tha tu yahi karega (I knew right at the stage that you will do this)’. I was like ‘what the hell! Agar stage se pata tha mujhe as a connection choose kyu kiya (If you knew right at the start, why did you choose me as your connection). I did not feel that connection with her.”

He added, “And with Divya Agarwal, whom I never met in my life, I formed an instant bond with her and became very connected with her. The whole game was about connections, it does not matter if she is my friend or not. I tried to talk to Urfi but she did not talk with me about this. I think according to the game, I did not feel connected so obviously I took a decision that she did not like. That is her lookout.” Asked if he would try to rekindle the friendship with Urfi, now that both of them are out of the show, Zeeshan Khan said, “Honestly I really do not have the mental capacity or time to waste on Urfi.”

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Zeeshan Khan added that he found two 'friends for life' on Bigg Boss OTT. “I know for a fact that I have two friends for life – Divya Agarwal and Millind Gaba. With Divya, I feel there is a nice, great vibe and she is a good friend for me. Gaba is my brother. I do not even need to say this. I love them with all my heart.”

Asked about his equation with rumoured girlfriend Reyhna Pandit, Zeeshan Khan said, “What do you want to hear about my equation with Reyhna Pandit? Reyhna Pandit is an amazing co-star, a very good actor and a talented woman. That is my equation with Reyhna. She is a very good friend, a really good co-star and that is about it.”

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