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You are what you eat

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary.

entertainment Updated: Sep 19, 2010 16:49 IST
Miss K
Miss K
Hindustan Times

You are what you eat,” declared my new nutritionist. So does that make me a chicken breast in honey oat bread, no jalapenos and li’l barbeque sauce? Maybe a l’iiil more?

Yup… She was right. I constantly feel low on energy. That’s because I’ve always been a poor eater! With a busy life also comes a whole lot of eating out, few and far between meals, erratic meal timings and processed (zero nutrition) food.

Having good skin, hair and a great body are professional hazards for me. Fair & Lovely cannot replace the wonders that a disciplined diet, proper sleep, good digestion and nutrition can do for your skin. No, neither can Fair & Handsome!

So I’m now on a new and improved high protein diet plan with an aim to build muscle for an overall toned look. The rules to build muscle are 1) weight training 2) protein and 3) rest.

I’m banned from outside food. Also “No bread. No rice. No sugar. No fruit juices. No ‘maida’. No corn.” “Not even popcorn?” “No!”

So now I’m on all kinds of jazzy stuff like omega3 acids, Isolated protein supplements and vitamins. A good body comes with a huge price tag. I’m lucky the nutritionist didn’t charge me!

Since sharing is caring, here are some basic HT (health tips) for you ;-)

* Lots and lots of water: An average of one glass for every (waking) hour of the day.
* Don’t ever skip breakfast: Eat something: a piece of toast, fruit, anything! Your body’s metabolism rate slows down at night and does not speed up again until you eat something. Don’t wait till lunch to start burning calories.
* In fact, have more meals: Don’t go more than about five hours during the day without eating… Keep it short and sweet though!
* Just moving around burns calories: Keep moving. Even as you read this! ...Kidding.

Secret of my energy
Within a week of eating right, my skin’s glowing, I’m the Energizer Bunny through the day, and I’m lifting weights like The Incredible Hulk!

I had a shoot day before, where I didn’t need to succumb to eating the oily set food. I just shook up my protein shake and munched an apple instead.

I warded off ‘Visarjan’ traffic to make it to various auditions for ads and three films too! Two of them turned out to be pretty sidey. I have a big banner film audition this Sunday. It’s for a supporting role, which I guess is better than a lead in a sidey film. So wish me luck!

I also have a filmy dinner to attend tonight! Will give you the score next week. Till then, eat healthy! Don’t be a ‘daabeli’!

For more HT’s, add Miss K on Facebook! The name’s Starlet… ‘Starlet And More’

First Published: Sep 19, 2010 16:47 IST