New theory suggests how Bruce Banner can overcome his ‘Hulk problem’ from Avengers Infinity War

A new theory about Bruce Banner and Hulk gives a little hope to his fans on how they will be able to see their favourite hero again.
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers Infinity War. Looks like Shuri is Hulk’s last hope.
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers Infinity War. Looks like Shuri is Hulk’s last hope.
Updated on Aug 25, 2018 11:28 PM IST
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While many people may consider it a small problem considering what has transpired in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—read genocide—Hulk really needs it sorted out. Everyone’s favourite big green monster (second only to Shrek) could not get his mojo on throughout Avengers Infinity War and if our heroes hope to take on Thanos, they really need him back on their side.

After taking a brutal beating from Thanos, Bruce Banner could not transform into Hulk throughout the movie. He tried slapping himself, making himself angry but he just would not show up. Could his stubbornness continue into Avengers 4? Maybe. But is there a way to set it right? Apparently so.

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According to a new theory floated on Reddit by LeftHandBlack66, Shuri may be the answer to Bruce’s woes. The Redditor suggests that Shuri might be able to combine Bruce and Hulk into one and blend their minds together for maximum efficiency.

I think Shuri will eventually combine Hulk/Banners mind, in order to create one being that has the hulks strength and banners wit. They kind of foreshadowed this when they referenced Visions mind being layered, Instead of being combined. I think she will help Banner somehow merge with the Hulk!!

Doesn’t seem too far fetched to be honest. If she can separate the Mind Stone from Vision’s personality and brain, she should definitely be able to bring Banner and Hulk together. Also, she is undoubtedly the brightest mind on the planet.

However, a comment on the post make a valid point. “Not sure I’d see this, as Hulk and Banner are more ‘organic’ - their relationship is between the two of them. Shuri is a tech genius, not a therapist. On another note, I had a (very unlikely) theory that she designs the suit we see Hulk wearing in the new art that was posted. This would allow him to stand toe-to-toe with Thanos in combat as he’d be absorbing any body blow he lands,” it reads.

At this point, we will take anything really. Of course, we do not really see Shuri after the Snappening so we should not take it for granted that she did survive the event.

The Avengers will next be seen in Avengers 4, due out in May 2019 and touted to be a ‘significant conclusion’ to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it.

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