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HTLS 2017 Day 2 highlights: Barack Obama, Mukesh Ambani, Yogi Adityanath address the summit

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Dec 01, 2017 06:58 PM IST

On Day 2 of the HT Leadership Summit, Barack Obama and Mukesh Ambani, Naomi Campbell, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh took the dais on Friday. UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath too addressed the summit. Here are the live updates.

Former US president Barack Obama and Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani discussed India’s rise on the global stage on Friday, the second day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath speaks at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi.(Burhaan Kinu/HT Photo)
Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath speaks at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi.(Burhaan Kinu/HT Photo)

Addressing the first session on Friday, talked about the India-US ties and shared his ideas of a democracy. (Watch the live telecast here). Ambani said India was the “biggest investment opportunity” in the world and it will become a $5 trillion economy by 2024.

Besides Obama and Ambani, the second day of the summit themed “The Irreversible Rise of India” saw the participation of IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh and supermodel Naomi Campbell, among other luminaries.

For 15 years, the event has been a platform for change agents with revolutionary ideas.

Below are the highlights:

6:30pm: As Yogi Adityanath completes his address, curtains come down on the 15th edition of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. Thank you for being a part of it!

SESSION 6: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath

6:18pm: Adityanath says farmers were never an agenda for previous governments, adding that the compensation to the farmers who were affected by Hudhud cyclone in 2014 had not been disbursed till March 2017; his government released it in the first 15 days

6:25pm: I want to end the suffering of dejected people, says CM Adityanath

6:16pm: Previous governments made the system corrupt and inefficient, says UP CM Adityanath

6:14pm: There are 1,50,000 vacant posts in police force in UP, says CM Adityanath

6:12pm: Earlier, there was rampant illegal slaughtering, mining in Western UP and when administration tried to crack down on them, orders to protect them were issued from the CM office, says Yogi Adityanath

6:09pm: In the past 15 years, there has been industrialisation of crimes in Uttar Pradesh, says CM Adityanath

6:08pm: We’ll transform Uttar Pradesh from “Bimaru (diseased) state” to “Vikasit (developed) state, says CM Adityanath

6:06pm: Uttar Pradesh today is different from Uttar Pradesh that was before March 2017, says CM

6:02pm: If every family receives electricity, how is that a saffron agenda, asks CM Adityanath

5:56pm: If both the parties reach a consensus and inform to the government, we’ll oblige. We won’t let anyone take law in its own hands, says CM Yogi on Ayodhya dispute

5:54pm: On Ayodhya dispute, CM Adityanath says the SC is going to hear the case on a day to day basis. We hoped that a consensus would be reached, but that has not happened. We should wait for the final verdict

5:53pm: What we said in the elections are not merely promises, it is our pledge. We’ll work towards fulfilling them, says UP CM

5:52pm: This is an answer to those who questioned the development in Gujarat. The results show that one must work on ground, says Yogi Adityanath

5:48pm: These elections have laid the foundation for 2019 polls. We’re going to win all 80 seats, says CM Adityanath

5:45pm: We will focus on decentralising the civic bodies, they must not be controlled from Lucknow, says CM

5:44pm: It is necessary to empower and make our local bodies accountable, says UP CM

5:42pm: Team spirit is the reason behind BJP’s win in UP civic polls, says CM Yogi Adityanath

5:41pm: The confluence of the vision of development that our PM has laid out and our development agenda turned the tide in our favour, says CM Yogi Adityanath

SESSION 5: Naomi Campbell, Supermodel, Actress & Social Activist - In conversation with MILIND SOMAN, Supermodel, Actor and Social Activist

5:34pm: “It’s a myth that models are air heads, or models shouldn’t speak... everyone has a personality,” says Campbell.

5:32pm: I use my social platforms to stand up for causes I believe in, to support people. I don’t try to show personal things: Campbell

“The current generation may be the Instagram girls, but my girls and I have enough pictures we could put up every day for the next 35 years.”

5:27pm: Campbell says the Libyan slavery trade expose by CNN “shocked” her.

5:26pm: The supermodel disagrees with Milind Soman, saying she doesn’t think no other black model has made it as big as her in the industry. “I look up to Iman. She is the most elegant woman I’ve seen.”

Campbell was referring to Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid, known as Iman, a Somali fashion model, actress and entrepreneur.

5:23pm: I get my physical and mental strength from my mother. My life with her was minimal. Since she was a ballerina, I was raised by a nanny. My mother sacrificed a lot for me: Naomi Campbell

5:20pm: I love it here. There are many strong women here, Campbell says about her liking for India.

5:15pm: Naomi Campbell tears up while talking about Pablo, the father-figure who supported and mentored her.

5:11pm: My work in philanthropy was always private. It wasn’t for public adulation: Naomi Campbell speaks about getting into philanthropy and meeting South African leader Nelson Mandela.

5:09pm: The crowd cheers as Campbell says she remembers choosing Aishwarya (Rai) as the winner of Miss World contest. “She was stunning,” Naomi remarks.

5:08pm: “It’s my drive to challenge myself, to try something different, to trust different people,” Campbell explains her success.

“Many times in my career in the beginning, I took low rates because it was prestigious to be a part of those campaigns and thought to myself, ‘somewhere down the line, this will pay’.”

“I was told many times -- ‘We’re looking for a red head or a blonde’. I went nevertheless to let the casting director see me and perhaps remember me for something else.”

5:05pm: Naomi Campbell says she was first denied a trial for the French Vogue’s cover because it hadn’t been done before. She says she was “disappointed” but not disillusioned.

5:02pm: It’s important as a woman of colour, to represent: Campbell talks about diversity in the industry.

When I started in 1986, there were runway and magazine models. My group of girls, we became the bridge of mixing the two and were thus called ‘supermodels’: Campbell

5:01pm: Acting and dancing were before modeling for me, says Campbell, speaking of her interests.

“I’m driven because I love creativity and trying new things,” Campbell on her illustrious career.

5pm: Naomi Campbell recounts the time she was chosen, along with her class, for an appeance in a Bob Marley video.

SESSION 4: Chhattisgarh CM Dr. Raman Singh

4:21pm: Chhattisgarh is moving towards the path of development, says CM while ending his address

4:18pm: BJP’s prospects in the 2018 election look good. We will set an example in Chhattisgarh with the quality of work we deliver, says CM Raman Singh, adding that he is confident of his party’s win in 2018 elections too

4:12pm: I request everyone sitting here to visit Bastar once. Bastar’s air is so clean, it will be a relief for your lungs after breathing in Delhi’s polluted air, says CM Raman Singh

4:09pm: In no other part of the world has road construction been as difficult as in Bastar, says CM

4:08pm: People of Bastar have taken development in their hands.Red Corridor will soon become ‘Green Corridor’. ‘Green Corridor’ means corridor of development. Maoist activity is reaching its end in Chhattisgarh, says CM

4:07pm: Problem of Naxalism has been there since last 40 years. But there has been a change in the situation since 2003, says CM

4:04pm: We have provided 35 lakh women with gas stoves, says CM Raman Singh

4:00pm: Chhattisgarh has been able to provide better health care facilities to people of the state, says Raman Singh

3:57pm: There has been increased flow of funds for Chhattisgarh, says CM

3:56pm: People used to say Chhattisgarh has mines and coal. Yes, we do have all that but are accepting challenges faced in the coal sector, says Raman Singh

3:55pm: Every person - poor or rich- in Chhattisgarh today has Rs 50,000 for medical coverage, says CM

3:54pm: No one sleeps hungry in Chhattisgarh. We have guaranteed food to 50 lakh families: CM Raman Singh

3:52pm: 35,000 crore roads are being constructed in Chhattisgarh today. We are attempting to connect district HQ and tehsils by laying an 800 km cable line, says CM

3:50pm: Maoists had destroyed schools in Chhattisgarh. But we know how to take risks. We rebuilt all schools, says CM

3:49pm: I will call Chhattisgarh a start-up state, says CM Raman Singh

3:48pm: There’s no state in India that has better per capita power consumption than Chhattisgarh, says CM

3:46pm: From 2003 to 2017, after a journey of 14 years, the Chhattisgarh that was considered backward, is now on a tremendous growth path: CM Raman Singh

SESSION 3: Ravi Shankar Prasad

3:37pm: Himachal is going to come to our kitty in some days, claims Prasad, referring to Himachal Pradesh assembly polls.

3:35pm: Prasad says BJP is winning Gujarat election “without a doubt”. It will be a “decisive victory”, he says.

The conventional norm of anti-incumbency gone. If a government does good work, it is brought back. If it doesn’t, it loses: Prasad.

3:30pm: On Padmavati row, Prasad says the matter is pending before the court, so he can’t comment on the issue.“Creativity needs to be respected. No violence must be there, but you need to appreciate and respect sentiments.”

3:27pm: “No power on Earth can stop India from becoming a global super power”: Prasad

3:25pm: I was little curious to notice for the first time Rahul Gandhi to be described as a ‘Janeudhaari’ Hindu by Congress, says Prasad while speaking about upcoming Gujarat elections.

On religious freedom, Prasad questions who can stop anyone from going to a temple or a mosque.

3:19pm: It’s debatable, says Prasad when asked if there should be cases against the government for pollution deaths.

3:17pm: We will make a data protection law that will become a beacon for the world, announces Prasad.

3:14pm: If citizens’ rights are impinged on, then judiciary must intervene. Only governance and making of laws should be left to those electe: Prasad says, speaking about the role of judiciary in India.

3:11pm: We salute the Indian judiciary. They must quash any law that goes against fundamental rights... But I must make one point -- governance must be left to those elected to govern the country, Prasad says, ending his address.

3:10pm: Privacy should not be used to prohibit innovation. Privacy cannot be the shield of the corrupt and terrorist, says Prasad.

3:09pm: Ravi Shankar Prasad says our aim is to make India a 1 trillion dollar economy in next 5-10 years.

3:08pm: Once linked to Aadhaar, you can change your name but you can’t digitally change your fingerprint, says Prasad, explaining how the system can’t be fooled.

3:05pm: Displaying his Aadhaar card, Ravi Shankar Prasad says the biometrics recorded in the system are safe. “Aadhaar is the digital identity to supplement physical identity.”

3pm: We don’t want to miss the digital revolution. We want to be the leaders. Let’s bring in tech that is affordable, low cost and inclusive, the IT minister says.

SESSION: Resilience in the face of adversity -- Rose McGowan, Farah Mohamed, Dr Rola Hallam

2:05pm: Panelists discuss the limitations imposed by religions and cultural beliefs, and how women can break free or tackle the challenges. Mohamed says it’s important to take realities into account while asking women to challenge authority.

To this, Dr Hallam points out: “Religion is often used as a tool for oppression. We must separate culture from religion.”

2pm: “Rape is theft,” says McGowan, tearing up as she talks about getting raped. For every #metoo hashtag, there’s a #Ididit hashtag.”

“I believe the flood gates have opened,” she says about hundreds of women came forward about getting abused by Weinstein.

1:56pm: I think it’s important we recognise these are crimes (sexual violence). Those accused can’t just lose their jobs: Dr Hallam. “We also have to remember that men are also victims of sexual abuse,” Dr Hallam points out.

1:55pm: Farah Mohamed says the Harvey Weinstein effect is only a turning point if it makes actual change. If it doesn’t, it’s only a conversation.

1:54pm: We have to look at the ugliness, the gangrene. The only way to do it is to look at it and get better: McGowan.

1:52pm: “It breaks my heart that we have to teach girls walking to school to be safe, instead of teaching boys not to rape. There’s no ownership,” says Rose McGowan.

“This isn’t just a Hollywood problem, It’s an upper management problem... it’s with anyone who has power.”

1:50pm: “Donald Trump,” says Rose McGowan on why it’s a wake up call for women to speak out against harassment and abuse. “There’s no way to deny it... this is an unstopabble force.”

McGowan was one of the first women to speak out in a New Yorker expose that revealed Hollywood producer had sexually harassed several women.

1:46pm: For us, it is understanding what are the challenges that stop girls from going to schools: Farah Mohammed.

Rose McGowan, Farah Mohamed and Dr. Rola Hallam at HTLS 2017. (Burhaaan Kinu/HT Photo)
Rose McGowan, Farah Mohamed and Dr. Rola Hallam at HTLS 2017. (Burhaaan Kinu/HT Photo)

1:45pm: A big challenge is when our only interaction with people is via TV screens, it gives a very warped idea of what is happening in that country. I have seen people who have time and again rebuilt their hospitals after they were bombed multiple times. That’s resilience for me: Dr Rola Hallam

1:40pm: “I try personally not to see myseld through a gender lens. I’ve had 20 years of playing with the big boys and they don’t play nice... I’ve tried very hard to influence cultural change,” Gowan on excluding women from all arenas. “If the system isn’t working, go around it.”

1:39pm: It’s not a coincidence that all panelists talking about resilience are women: Rose McGowan.

“I don’t need to enumerate the wonderful ways in which women are resilient. There have been so many women who’ve been punished for their gender.”

1:34pm: Farah Mohamed starts her address by saying she has Indian heritage. My entire life has revolved around the belief that one person can make a difference, says Mohamed on working for Malala Fund.

1:33pm: Our problems are your (India’s) problems, says Hallam, urging Indian media to cover more about the Syrian war.

1:30pm: From personal adversity came the recognition of a broken humanitarian system... I realised it’s not good enough because people’s lives are at stake here, says Hallam, explaining why she founded CanDo.

1:25pm: Recalling the Syrian struggle, Dr Rola Hallam says adversity is common to everyone.

I always knew medicine was going to be a huge part of my life, what I didn’t know was how big a part war would play: Dr Hallam on Syria.

1:24pm: Hollywood is just a microcosm of the problems across the world. Hollywood and Bollywood are propaganda machines. They are set up by men in power... It (what’s happening now) scares men, and it’s okay to be uncomfortable, says Rose McGowan.

“I believe in a conversation. So let’s.”

1:18pm: For me, success is fulfilment, Ambani says, concluding his session.

1:17pm: Ambani says his favourite author is Walter Isaacson, who wrote Leonardo da Vinci’s biography.

1:16pm: “One thing I would never dare tell my father is, ‘Dad, you don’t get it.’ This generation is different. I get a lot of it from my children,” says Mukesh Ambani.

“My father is my biggest influence, he treated me as his friend. I hope I can treat my children the same way.”

1:14pm: Reliance is very focused. And clearly, we want to be the best in the world... that’s what drives us. I’m sorry if it appears to be competitive; we just want to be the best: Ambani

1:09pm: “I never carry money. I don’t have a credit card. Somebody else always pays for me,” says Ambani when asked about being known as the richest Indian.

“Money has never meant much to me. I abhor labels and titles.”

1:07pm: We cannot rely on governments and regulators for profits and losses... As long as the consumer gains, and the country moves forward, then all of us (in the industry) can take that: Ambani speaks on Reliance allegedly disrupting competition

1:06pm: Not many in the world backed us, says Ambani on Reliance introducing Jio.

1:02pm: How soon do you expect Jio to turn profitable? “I think we are ahead of our schedule,” Ambani replies.

1pm: We need digital tools and innovation to break geographical, social and economic barriers: Ambani

“When new technologies touch and transform, India’s rise becomes inevitable.”

12:55pm: “By 2050, we will have 300 million more Indians to feed. There is a pressing need and golden opportunity to create a digital green revolution... Data is not only the new oil, but also the new soil,” says Ambani.

12:54pm: Just a couple of years ago, India was 150th in mobile broadband, it’s number 1 after the launch of Jio: Ambani

12:51pm: Ambani hails the introduction of Aadhaar number and the progress of Indian space agency ISRO.

12:50pm: The youth will make India a startup nation, says Ambani on the adaptability of youth to technology.

“India’s historical lack of infrastructure is actually a boon in disguise. Not having legacy technology means we do not have to retrain. We can skip multiple technologies and reach the next generation.”

12:47pm: There’s no doubt machine intelligence will augment biological intelligence... we are in the age of super intelligence. What manufacturing was for China, super intelligence can be for India: Ambani

12:45pm: Those who do not adopt to technology will become irrelevant: Ambani

12:42pm: Each technological revolution rewrites the rules and changes world order, Ambani says, predicting the “fourth industrial revolution is upon us” and its foundation is data connectivity, computing and Artificial Intelligence.

12:40pm: “Today I wish to make a prediction. India’s rise will be higher than China’s rise by the middle of the 21st century,” Ambani claims, saying India will offer a superior model to the world based on equitable resources, good governnance.

12:39pm: “Can we close the gap between India and China, and India and US? Yes, we can,” Ambani says in his address.

12:37pm: I’d said 13 years ago India will be a 5 trillion dollar economy. Indeed it will be achieved before 2024, says Ambani

12:35pm: Mukesh Ambani starts his address.

Highlights of Barack Obama’s session

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• Bollywood star Salman Khan was at his witty best despite a sore throat at HTLS 2017. During the final session of Day 1, Khan said he led a “very boring life” and it was only journalists who made his life sound “interesting”. Besides that, he waltzed around the bouncers and dodged around difficult questions, clarifying his political correctness at the beginning of the session.

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