Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.(ANI)
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.(ANI)

‘Covid-19 testing more than tripled in Delhi, situation seems to stabilize’: Highlights of Delhi CM address

Kejriwal said that all those under home-isolation will be provided with pulse oximeters to measure oxygen levels every few hours.
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UPDATED ON JUN 22, 2020 02:06 PM IST

Covid-19 testing has more than tripled in the national capital and people should not face any difficulties now, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said in an address on the prevailing coronavirus situation in the national capital on Monday.

Kejriwal said that all those under home-isolation will be provided with pulse oximeters to measure oxygen levels every few hours.

“Once you are well, you can return it to the government,” the Delhi CM said adding that the Covid-19 situation, as of now, seems to be stabilizing.

Kejriwal said that on June 12, 5,300 beds across national capital were occupied by Covid-19 and the figure rose 6,200 as of today.

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“In the past 10 days, only 900 beds have been occupied while the number of patients has increased by nearly 23,000. This indicates that there are fewer severe cases and most get better by getting treated in home-isolation, the situation seems to be stabilizing,” he said.

The chief minister added that at present, 7,000 beds are still unoccupied and ready for Covid-19 patients.

The chief minister thanked the Central government for its help in battling the Covid-19 fight in Delhi and said that the two governments are working closely to fight the crisis.

“This is no time to harp on differences or indulge in politics,” he said.

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Here are the highlights from Kejriwal’s address:

• We are trying to control coronavirus from spreading in the national capital at the same time trying to arrange facilities for those who contract the virus.

• Our administration is constantly in touch with those who are getting treated for Covid-19 at home, guiding them on what to do next.

• The administration of oxygen is very critical in Covid-19 patients when their oxygen levels drop or when they feel breathless. If patients receive oxygen in time, many patients can be saved. For this purpose, we will provide pulse oximeters to measure oxygen levels every few hours.

• Patients in home-isolation can monitor their oxygen level and in case of drop, they can call on a number that we will provide and our team will immediately visit and administer oxygen to the patient. The patient will be rushed to the hospital if there is a requirement.

• At present, Delhi has nearly 25,000 active cases of coronavirus while around 33,000 people have recovered from the contagion.

• Around 6,000 people are currently in hospitals getting treated for coronavirus while nearly 12,000 are under home quarantine and getting treated for Covid-19.

•Just a week back, Delhi had 24,000 active cases of coronavirus which means that fresh 1,000 cases have been reported. It indicates that while new cases are coming up, people are also getting cured from the disease. Seems like the situation is stabilizing.

• We have more than tripled the rate of our Covid-19 testing in the past days. From around 5,000 tests per day, the figure has gone up to 18,000 tests.

• We have taken strict action against unscrupulous labs who were showing incorrect test results. They have directed to work in a fair manner and in full capacity.

• With the help of the Central government, rapid tests have also started in the national capital. I feel people should not feel any problems in getting tested for Covid-19 now.

Coronavirus cases in Delhi now inch toward the 60,000-mark. The national capital has 59,746 positive cases with 33,013 recovered patients and 2,175 fatalities. With this, it has overtaken Tamil Nadu as the second worst-hit state.

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