Freelance journalist pleads for euthanasia

He said that he had grown old and wanted to die with dignity, adding that the doctor should not be penalised.

india Updated: Apr 27, 2006 18:50 IST

A 79-year-old freelance journalist has petitioned the Rajasthan High Court seeking permission for euthanasia, saying that he wanted to die with dignity.

In his petition filed on Wednesday, Giriraj Prasad Gupta pleaded for mercy killing on the ground that he was unable to perform his day-to-day functions independently and that he did not want to lead a crippled life waiting for death.

He said he had hearing problems, diabetes, poor vision and heart disorders.

He added that he has been operated upon for hernia and prostate, and that he had fractured his legs and hands once.

The journalist made clear that he was loved and taken care of by his family members, who were all well settled. He also said that he was able to earn Rs 8,000 a month.

Arguing that the Gita and the Jain philosophy spoke of immortality and reincarnation, Gupta said he wanted to facilitate transfer of his soul into a new body.

Gupta's counsel NC Goel said that his client wanted to die with dignity, for which he would require a doctor's help and the doctor should also not be penalised for it.

First Published: Apr 27, 2006 18:50 IST