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Older women rock!

Why are men attracted to older women? Nitasha Sharma tries to get an answer.

india Updated: Feb 07, 2007 12:53 IST

What is so common between Saif Ali Khan and Sachin Tendulkar. First they are both celebrities and second the fact that they married a woman much older to them.

But jokes apart men’s infatuation with older woman starts as soon as they know what woman are all about.

Changing trends:
Dr Deepak Raheja, director of the hope foundation states, "Women are experienced and know how to handle a man's ego, which is the thing which makes them fragile. In short they know the recipe of love.

"Another important quality which women have is that they understand the pros and cons of a relationship. An older woman thinks wisely and understands that compromises and understanding is the key to a healthy relationship."

Dr Vikram Sharma, Senior Consultant urologist, Geetanjali Hospital, Delhi corroborates, "The issue is more prevelant now as there is a tremendous change in the lifestyle.

"Older woman now have changed and want to let their hair down to have fun. They are ready to experiment with new things."

He further states that it's common for younger men, who have had a relationship with a woman of the same age in the past, to be with an older woman as they find them to be more experienced.

Security comes first:
Then obviously the second most important thing that men look out for in a relationship is security. Adds Dr Vikram, "While dating a younger woman, a man always has the fear that the girl might develop feelings for another guy. But so is not the case with an older woman as the man knows that he will not be ditched for someone else."

24-year-old Tarun, who has been seeing a 29-year-old woman for the last one year, says, "men are initially drawn to older woman for their own selfish reasons. She is independent, has a good career, intellectual and very attractive and she’s the best one could ever have."

Passion Plays:
Older woman bring in a refreshing change in a relationship because they know what they want. Younger women on the other hand don't know the tricks that help in igniting a man's passion.

Saurav, an engineer by profession, asserts, "Can anyone ever even think for a moment that a 27-year-old man makes a play for a 42-year-old woman.

"Older woman are likely to bring with them a wealth of experience, and tricks between the sheets that a young woman can only dream to aspire."

38-year-old Smita agrees with him. She says, "Older women give the impression that they’re better in bed because they are more comfortable with themselves.

"All those hang-ups about having a slight tummy or stretch marks tend to become less important with age."

If that's the case, then young girls will surely have to wait to be 30 to get flirty!

First Published: Feb 06, 2007 18:43 IST